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  • Avatar : ugly

    Bristol International Salon 2022

    I have just had two images was accepted in to the Bristol International Salon for 2022 Both images are in the Nature Digital class The first one is Running Water Monitor lizard the second image is The Lilac-breasted Roller (Coracias Caudatus) I hi...

  • Avatar : hcapewell

    This week in the world of Heath.

    HI guys, so this week i had five shoots booked four of which have canceled. The fifth however i have just got back from shooting, pictures to follow shortly. She normally shoots adult and glamour, but i did a little bit of erotic and fashion with her...

    • Posted by : hcapewell
    •  26 Jul 2013 4:49PM
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  • Avatar : Alex_M


    Hi Everyone I have never written anything on a blog before, probably because I never had anything that I thought interesting enough to write about. Now I feel I have something that others may be interested in reading. Also as I have never written a ...

  • Avatar : Leilani

    PADD - Photography Attention Deficit Disorder

    Not sure if it's exists already, but I think Iíve got it! Bad! I went to look for some beach photos today through the multitude of accumulating images for a competition. Whilst going through the folders, which have exceptionally short descri...

    • Posted by : Leilani
    •  26 Jul 2012 1:57AM
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  • Avatar : conrad

    My Phone Photography Experiences So Far

    Okay, so I finally, finally decided to try and do something with the pictures I'd taken on my Nokia E71 mobile phone. I never used the camera on the phone very much, only a few times in situations where I was really sorry that I didn't have anothe...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  22 Oct 2011 11:58AM
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  • Avatar : conrad

    Random Gallery

    Have you tried the Random Gallery yet? On days that I'm looking at the Photography Gallery, and I'm getting bored because the pace at which new images are being added is slow, I like to go to the Random Gallery. The thing with looking at the Galle...

  • Avatar : colmar

    17th January

    Hi Had a horrible Sunday as the head hurts ! I did however manage to feel a bit better later in the afternoon. After a couple of emails and a trawl through the epz galleries, I had a visit from a client. Some images for print and a discussion for...

    • Posted by : colmar
    •  17 Jan 2010 9:06PM
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  • Avatar : wheeldon

    New web site

    I am now pleased with my new web site. I have only added a few of my pictures at the moment but I hope to add more as and when I get chance. Click on the link to view it link

  • Avatar : colmar

    20th December

    Hi An earlier than usual blog entry, am totally knackered and heading to beddy byes very soon ! Got home , changed and had a coffee, woke Mari and we loaded up and headed to the frozen wastes that was Folkestone harbour. The ice was thick on ...

    • Posted by : colmar
    •  20 Dec 2009 7:54PM
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  • Avatar : colmar

    13th December

    Hi We woke EARLY the alarm not required and after the necessary caffeine intake we got dressed , layer after layer and headed to the car, loaded the stock and drove down to the market. A quick introduction and we were shown our pitch, we unloa...

  • Avatar : colmar

    Colmar's Blog Entry

    Blog A daily rambling from Colin and Mari ! Welcome to our blog. well everyone else seems to be doing them so why not and it is an interaction we can have with anyone willing to read it. We started this a few weeks ago and from small acorns...

    • Posted by : colmar
    •  7 Oct 2009 4:21PM
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  • Avatar : conrad

    Poor Quality Images: Objectionable, Inevitable Or Even Desirable?

    When I joined ePHOTOzine on 28 July 2004, my goal was to learn. I enjoyed my photography, but I was very much aware of the fact that I was a pretty clueless snapper. From what I saw on the site, I concluded that this was a place where I could pic...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Modifiable = Critiqueable...?

    Still thinking about yesterday's blog entry, so this is more or less a sequel. I'm really getting into writing critiques now, more than before - it actually seems to become the thing to do now, thank heaven! On the forum, people have suggested tha...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  28 Jun 2008 7:23PM
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  • Avatar : conrad

    Anyone Can Critique An Image!

    I decided to start this blog entry with a bold statement. as you can see. :-) But I happen to be convinced it's true: You don't have to be an expert to evaluate an image, because that's basically what is is, writing a critique. You take a critical...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Being Self-critical Or Just Plain Rubbish

    Today I experienced what seems to have become a pattern: I go to a wonderful location or event. I shoot several Gigabytes worth of images. I copy them to the computer. I look at the photos. I delete most of them. Sound familiar? If it does...