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  • Avatar : topsyrm

    52 for 2021 Week 30 The Miniscule Sausage Area

    This week I was alone so I decided to try to find some bouldering areas on Dartmoor, The Miniscule Sausage Area and Cuckoo Rock. The Miniscule Sausage Area is not marked on the map, it is also known as Snappers Tor which is also not marked on the map...

  • Avatar : topsyrm

    52 for 2021 Week 29

    This weekís jaunt took in the Prehistoric Stone Rows at Merrivale then we climbed Kings Tor before moving on to the hidden jewel that is Swelltor Quarries before moving on to the more popular Foggintor Quarries. We parked at the Rundlestone car pa...

  • Avatar : topsyrm

    52 for 2021 Week 28

    This week we set off for a proper Dartmoor honey-pot, Haytor and Haytor Quarry but via Saddle Tor. Just past Saddle Tor is a rocky outcrop close to Emsworthy Mire that I have seen named as Emsworthy Tor but it isnít marked on the map. It has a specta...

    • Posted by : topsyrm
    •  18 Jul 2021 10:16AM
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  • Avatar : topsyrm

    52 for 2021 Week 25

    This week saw Mrs T and me back on East Dartmoor around the Widecombe area, Specifically Bonehill Rocks, Chinkwell Tor and Honeybag Tor. This was the view from our parking area. First stop was Bonehill Rocks which from the car park didnít seem al...

    • Posted by : topsyrm
    •  27 Jun 2021 11:01AM
    • Views : 276
  • Avatar : topsyrm

    52 for 2021 Week 24

    This week we visited one of Dartmoor's most famous rock formations, Bowerman's Nose. Although I have lived on the edge of Dartmoor for more than 30 years, this was the first time I have visited this famous landmark. Of course while we were there I...

    • Posted by : topsyrm
    •  20 Jun 2021 11:00AM
    • Views : 212
  • Avatar : topsyrm

    52 for 2021 Week 19

    This week we managed to get out on Dartmoor again despite poor weather. We went out on Tuesday despite rain forecast and we were largely fortunate to miss the worst of it though sporadic showers did catch us from time to time. Yar Tor. And that P...

    • Posted by : topsyrm
    •  16 May 2021 9:16AM
    • Views : 245
  • Avatar : topsyrm

    52 for 2021 Week 4

    Once again I only got Saturday to get out and the weather wasn't good but we waterproofed up and went anyway, fortunately my Fuji X-T2 and lenses are weather sealed. This road junction is 2 1/4 miles on the outward leg of our route which is a big loo...

    • Posted by : topsyrm
    •  31 Jan 2021 11:49AM
    • Views : 234
  • Avatar : Andy_Curtis

    Lake district - My first time, Day 1

    Last week (21st May) I decided to take a last minute trip to the Lake District, specifically Keswick. I had the week off work as the original plan was to have a short break with my partner at the time. Alas, we parted ways and I decided to make the m...

    • Posted by : Andy_Curtis
    •  30 May 2018 10:17AM
    • Views : 691