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  • Avatar : Nick_w

    LEE v HiTech Big Stopper

    Some time ago I did a brief tutorial on the HiTech big stopper (note this is their New version that isn't subject to IR contamination). As I mentioned I only bought the HiTech as the LEE had such a long lead time, however I kept my order on with t...

  • Avatar : CaptivePhotons

    Project 365-118

    I've had this picture in my mind for some time now but the elements have always conspired against me, either the tide wasn't right, the sea was too rough, I was working etc, etc. Today however was the colsest I have been to getting what I wanted, the...

  • Avatar : Nick_w

    HiTech Prostop ND Filter

    In my last blog I was bemoaning the horrendous lead times with the LEE "Big Stopper" (estimated to be 10 months from when I placed an order in April). I ordered a replacement after my last one hit the rocks. For those unfamiliar with the term - it'...

  • Avatar : Nick_w

    10 Stop Filter HiTech, LEE ? ......or both

    A bit of a departure from the recent themes... but I was a bit cheesed off with LEE today.. Back in April, I was on Anglesey when I heard that horrible sound of my LEE big stopper hitting the rocks and shattering into 1000 pieces. I trudged b...

  • Avatar : xanda

    Episode 21

    I recently spent my second day in the studio with a new model called Lee. When Lee's shoot was over it was Ruby's turn and we played with the studio's ringflash which was fun. I've now added some angle brackets and white brollies to my portable f...

    • Posted by : xanda
    •  17 Sep 2009 8:30PM
    • Views : 467
  • Avatar : conrad

    Buying New Kit vs. Learning More First

    Today a blog and a forum thread reminded me that I had put some new filters on my wish list. Ever since getting a 10-20mm lens I've been wanting to replace my Coking P size filters with something bigger, and since reading about the quality difference...