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  • Avatar : celtxian

    The joy of vintage!

    Recently I have been rediscovering vintage lenses form the pre-digital 'golden age' of photography (as some would see it!). By this I mean attaching old lenses to my shiny new Sony a6000 digital camera body with the use of adapters. Granted this mean...

    1The joy of vintage!
    • Posted by : celtxian
    •  1 Oct 2015 3:43PM
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  • Avatar : John_Muriel

    normal lens for a dx format camera

    What is the Normal/standard Lens for digital dx format camera? portrait lens length, wide angle and a telephoto lens? I need to find the standard lenses for my nikon d7000 dx format for a dof/lens exercise I would greatly appreciate it

  • Avatar : CaptivePhotons

    Project 365-143

    After the UFO two days ago, we now have contact. Bigger contact

    1Project 365-143
  • Avatar : conrad

    The Tangerine Test

    As I wrote recently, I've been given an old analogue Canon EOS Rebel SLR. It came with a cheap standard zoom lens, a 35-80mm. I also told you that I have a new acquaintance, someone who fiddles with lenses. Handy little man. He fixed my 50mm 1....

    1The Tangerine Test
    • Posted by : conrad
    •  29 Dec 2011 4:15PM
    • Views : 1035
  • Avatar : conrad

    Happy Reunion

    For those who have been following my blog posts (if there are any... :P), it won't be news that my 50mm 1.8 lens was recently found to be completely stuck, not wanting to focus at all, and it seemed like I had to write it off. But then someone in ...

    1Happy Reunion
    • Posted by : conrad
    •  28 Dec 2011 10:06PM
    • Views : 6541
  • Avatar : conrad

    50mm Update

    The other day I wrote that my 50mm 1.8 Mk I lens had got stuck: both auto focus and manual focus didn't work anymore. Well, there's good news to report! I found someone who is handy with lenses (takes them apart, converts his own lenses for macro ...

    150mm Update
    • Posted by : conrad
    •  26 Dec 2011 12:38PM
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  • Avatar : conrad


    It's been one of those years in which things had to be replaced. Do you know how that works? One thing after another will die on you, be lost forever, or become so outdated that you'll have to replace it. The car went to my ex, my satnav gave up ...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Rebel 2000

    A kind relative gave me an old analogue SLR, a Canon EOS Rebel 2000. I don't know if I'll be using much film, I like the economic advantage of having a DSLR too much, but maybe I can think of nice, nostalgic techniques to try out (any suggestions...

    1Rebel 2000
    • Posted by : conrad
    •  21 Dec 2011 8:22PM
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  • Avatar : conrad


    Last night my daughter had a stall at a Christmas fair, and I thought I'd go and have a look, and decided to take my camera. Since I don't like the harshness of flash light very much, I thought it would be a good idea to take my fastest lens, a 5...

  • Avatar : bfgstew

    95 - 365

    Another project! To improve my macro photography I have been trawling the net for a macro rail and came across a brilliant, cheap solution. Further details to follow but I am excited about this, to say the least!!!!! But what came out of the initi...

    295 - 365
  • Avatar : AliceLuisePhotography

    Woop woop just won a tamron 18-270mm lens!!

    Yay , i have been going on a website where you can play a game for points and if you get enough points you get entered into differernt draws. And i have just got an email saying i have won a 18-270mm lens yay!

  • Avatar : conrad

    One Lens Travel Photography

    I like to travel light. Because it's easier not to travel with bulky luggage. And because it's easier on my bad back. And because it's sometimes cheaper as well. For the Skye Meet, I tried. I really tried. But I did end up with two big bags anyway...

    2One Lens Travel Photography
  • Avatar : Pete

    Photo365 - 279 - Self Portrait

    Another self portrait, this time using the iPhone with a fisheye lens attached. It's really cool lens and I've had a lot of fun with it so far.

    1Photo365 - 279 - Self Portrait
  • Avatar : cathal

    Creative Camera

    Despite believing that photography is all about the pictures we create rather than the tools we use, there is no escaping the fact that many photographers enjoy a relationship with their tools which is very different to that which a plumber or car me...

    • Posted by : cathal
    •  16 Jul 2010 8:53PM
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  • Avatar : cathal


    Have you ever used a 50mm lens? Have you ever used 35mm film? I guess the answer may depend on when you were bitten by the photography bug. Once, the almost prescribed method of starting photography was with a 35mm camera fitted with a 50mm lens. ...