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  • Avatar : conrad

    I Don't Know What's More Frustrating

    So many times I've gone to a nice photo location, only to have my photo outing ruined by horrible or dull weather, or a total lack of good light. I do always try to make something of it, of course, but it can be very disappointing, going to a nice lo...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Photo Location Parking Frustrations

    It happens to me so often I couldn't possibly count how many times: you're driving along some road, and you see a wonderful photo location. But there's nowhere to park the car, or even to stop (legally). So the photo location disappears into your rea...

  • Avatar : hcapewell

    This week in the world of Heath.

    HI guys, so this week i had five shoots booked four of which have canceled. The fifth however i have just got back from shooting, pictures to follow shortly. She normally shoots adult and glamour, but i did a little bit of erotic and fashion with her...

    • Posted by : hcapewell
    •  26 Jul 2013 4:49PM
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  • Avatar : conrad

    Close to Home

    "How do you take a great landscape photo?" I've read and heard many different answers to this question, but there are a few common denominators among the many different suggestions. One that really makes sense, is that it helps to have good l...