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  • Avatar : ArturM

    How to Do Macro Photography - Some Tips

    When we take macro photography pictures, we have three choices of optical solution: special macro lenses, intermediate rings (extension tubes) or bellows, and macro filters, which are screwed to the lens, just like a typical photographic filter. And ...

    • Posted by : ArturM
    •  24 Sep 2010 9:08PM
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  • Avatar : weird_rockchic

    Macro lens...

    I have a Nikon D50 and would really love to get a Macro lens to get some really good close-up shots. From peoples experiences, which is the best one for my D50 that doesn't raid the pocket too much?

  • Avatar : Pete

    View through the Macro lens

    I just wonder if anyone else has the same experience as I do when looking through a macro lens. I tend to lay down on the floor for much of my macro work, with the camera as close to the ground as possible. It's while I'm in this position and the...

  • Avatar : jonathanbp

    Lens Advice

    Is anyone able to advise me on which lens for macros I could buy for my Canon EOS 400D? I currently have a 'combo' lens , Sigma DC 18-200 mm.....whatever that means....some difficulties with real close ups. Thanks, Jonathan