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Members' Photography Blogs

Welcome to the ePHOTOzine Members' blogs where you can find all the blog entries from our members.


  • Avatar : Nick_w

    A New Project (Light Painting)

    With the inclemant weather of late, I've been tring my hand at one or two new avenues. Some have already born fruit. I have always admired still lifes, the forgotten genre in photography, there have been a few that have flown the flag on here (...

  • Avatar : roelf

    Painting with light

    OK heres the setup; The photography can only take place within 4 days of a full moon. The camera is digital, film set to ISO 100, f stop 5.6 with an exposure time between a few seconds and 30 minutes. Required accessories include a couple of torches...

    • Posted by : roelf
    •  9 Nov 2009 5:07PM
    • Views : 271
  • Avatar : LisaRose

    Painting with light

    I am trying my hand at "Painting with light." I've actually done this before, and I think I am doing everything the way I did before, but it's not working! I have my camera set on Manual mode. Fstop at 5.6, and set to bulb. The shutter won't st...