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  • Avatar : riobom

    No pictures

    Hello everybody, this last weekend I didn't touch my camera can you believe it? Rain, plantations, great dinners, and lunches, kept me away from the Art, and from Lisbon. But I have an older cliché that I shot last week that I would like to share wit...

    • Posted by : riobom
    •  25 Nov 2019 4:37PM
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  • Avatar : thelearningcurvephoto

    Toronto Street Photography on 2015.10.05

    Black and white street photography from Toronto Canada taken in spring/summer 2014 and 2015. All photos are original photography using a Canon EOS 60D body with a Sigma 17-70mm f2.8 DC Macro OS lens and Silver EFEX Pro as a Lightroom plugin fo...

  • Avatar : madadpoor

    Self-Fragmentation, Fine Art Photography Project

    “Self-Fragmentation”, Fine Art Photography Project reflects my interpretation of images which I have taken for “Artistic Anatomy” course, in Florence Fine Arts Academy. The course offers a reading of the human body by emphasizing what manifests throu...

    • Posted by : madadpoor
    •  24 Sep 2015 11:28AM
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  • Avatar : conrad

    Shooting People

    Oh dear, that sounds all wrong. I did mean 'Photographing People', of course. This is not about terrorist activities, it's a photography blog post... I've always been a bit insecure about shooting ... oh, here I go again ... photographing people I...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Stunningly Beautiful

    People who've known me since my youth, will remember that I was a shy boy. Not exactly the bold type, if you know what I mean. And although I've developed since then, in some ways I still am that shy little boy. And I'm painfully aware of that again ...

  • Avatar : Ozzie55

    Typical day out

    Something I enjoy doing when I am out and about with my camera is taking what I call "everyday life scenes". Images that depict what some might say the 'norm', the 'usual', maybe you could even say the 'boring'. But the fact is that it is what peopl...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Deck Chairs

    Beautiful weather, crowds of people enjoying the sunshine, yet these deck chairs didn't seem to be very popular. Maybe people thought it was too windy to sit here? Who knows. Anyway, I quite liked them without anybody in them...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  30 Jul 2012 12:20PM
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  • Avatar : LeonSLR

    Family Portraiture

    Please help me some one i 've been asked to take photos a of a family of which there are around 12 people in the family. the problem i have is whither to go for a flash gun canon 430 EXII or to go for something like interfit Basic studio kit and se...