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  • Avatar : pablophotographer

    what makes the photographer?

    Hello all. I am asking this question because of an incident today that involved noticing a potential subject and photographing it with the means which were available and stealthy enough to go completely unnoticed. My camera was with me in the bag but...

  • Avatar : AliceLuisePhotography

    The Blog of a Young Photographer Part 4!

    All exams done! Time to eat sleep photography and repeat! Both exams went well.... except the fire alarm going off in the middle of one of them.... good timing art students chose to burn some work. Started my work for Manheim, started doing an...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Animal Photographer

    Time to write something about someone else's photography. I don't do this often, it's not often that I really like all of the work of one photographer - with a few notable exceptions. (British landscape photographer Joe Cornish and American landsc...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  24 Mar 2012 10:07AM
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  • Avatar : OmarBandGeek

    Rest of My Life

    You know something? I used to know exactly what I was going to do with the rest of my life. I was going to be a band teacher. For five years I've known that I was going to go to college to get a bachelor's degree in Music Education focusing on In...

    1Rest of My Life
  • Avatar : POOCHIE

    Poochi's new website

    Yah hey! My new website went live today I have started loading images some new some old. I have wanted a more user friendly site and working closely with Phil and the guys at Monkeydevil design I was able to get the site axactl...

    • Posted by : POOCHIE
    •  20 Oct 2011 4:37PM
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  • Avatar : pulsar69

    Wedding Photographer inundated with phone calls

    And not unfortunately from bookings , from spotty young oinks , reading from crumpled up A4 sheets of paper - letting me know how I am not advertising correctly. How to run my website. Where I am and should be on search listings and how much money I ...

    • Posted by : pulsar69
    •  16 May 2011 11:18PM
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  • Avatar : BadSoulPhotography

    Wildlife Photography

    By BadSoulPhotography - Wildlife Photography 101 The most important thing to remember when photographing wildlife is that the animals are wild and could be dangerous. You could lose your life if you are attack...

  • Avatar : BadSoulPhotography

    Composing A Photo

    Composing a Photo By BadSoulPhotography Composition Photographers compose a picture much like a Composer does a song, with a lot of thought and technique. You want your pictures to tell a story. You don't want someone looking at your pictures wond...

  • Avatar : grantly

    London's iconic signage

    I am starting a project on capturing London's iconic signage mainly in and around The City. I anyone has any suggestions of where I can find any old signage including road and place names, plaques or stone engravings please let me know. This is the t...

    • Posted by : grantly
    •  23 Aug 2010 1:29PM
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  • Avatar : User_Removed

    Thornton Manor ♥ Sue and Matthew

    The last of our three weddings this week was on Saturday, 10th October 2009 and saw us once again at Thornton manor on the Wirral for the civil wedding of Sue and Matthew. We'd met Sue and Matthew a couple of times before the wedding and they are ...

  • Avatar : User_Removed

    Llyndir Hall ♥ Nichola and Andrew

    Neil and I have been so very lucky in that without exception, all of the couples we have been privileged to photograph have been really lovely people. Nichola and Andrew, whose wedding we photographed at Llyndir Hall in Rossett, North Wales on Fri...

    • Posted by : User_Removed
    •  11 Oct 2009 11:51AM
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  • Avatar : chicproduction "Updates"

    Just uploaded our new website! Enjoy link

  • Avatar : conrad

    Hard to Capture or Convey

    So often when you hear people describe photography in higher-sounding terms than "taking snapshots", you come across almost poetic ideas like "catching time", "recording moments" or "creating memories". Technically speaking, of course, we're only ...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Just a Bungling Amateur

    The more different kinds of photography I try, the more I'm convinced that I am just a bungling amateur. I have progressed since I became a member of EPZ, though. The first photos in my portfolio almost make me shiver now, and whenever I visit th...

  • Avatar : conrad

    "Fear of Failure"

    "You must have a lot of patience" is something that wildlife photographer Steve Bloom hears a lot, he says. But he doesn't think he's that patient a man - although he does wait for the right shot for a long, long time, sometimes. Take this shot o...