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Members' Photography Blogs

Welcome to the ePHOTOzine Members' blogs where you can find all the blog entries from our members.


  • Avatar : ugly

    Chile Photo Awards Circuit 29th March 2022

    The organizers of this salon are pleased to confirm that the image "Leopard Asleep in a Tree" by David Hollis was accepted in the Circuit (Fccv) The organizers of this salon are pleased to confirm that the image "Who is Watching Who" by David Holl...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Every Disadvantage Has an Advantage

    Just paraphrasing Dutch football star Johan Cruijff here, he once said "Every advantage has a disadvantage" - but I suspect that, like a mathematical equation, you can turn that around as well. For several years now, I've had to work my [...censo...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Blog Post Views

    As another EPZ member rightly points out, if you compare photos in the Gallery with blog posts, the blog posts seem to get more attention. I'd go even further and say that they seem to get a disproportionate amount of attention, in comparison wit...

  • Avatar : conrad


    There are several photographers on EPZ who take really good pictures of cars, and I don't count myself among them - I wish I could, but I've never taken shots as good as they take them. But that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy giving it a go. A...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  30 Mar 2012 11:32PM
    • Views : 1055
  • Avatar : conrad

    A Whole New World

    Now that I'm armed with an iPhone full of photography apps, and of course with quite a good integrated camera, I find that I take a lot more photos with my iPhone than with a regular camera. Of course, many of those photos wouldn't be taken at al...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  19 Mar 2012 2:06PM
    • Views : 882
  • Avatar : davidburleson

    Four Trees

    I've been doing alot of vintage style square crop photos lately. I really like to style. I did this one today, but didn't think it was good enough for my portfolio, so instead, i'll share it here.

  • Avatar : conrad


    Some photo titles are very popular on ephotozine. "Sunset" is an obvious one, of course. "Untitled" an unfortunate but understandable one. (And I thought "Untiled" was a funny typo. The photo was indeed untiled. And untitled...) Variations of "Are yo...

  • Avatar : conrad

    My Phone Photography Experiences So Far

    Okay, so I finally, finally decided to try and do something with the pictures I'd taken on my Nokia E71 mobile phone. I never used the camera on the phone very much, only a few times in situations where I was really sorry that I didn't have anothe...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  22 Oct 2011 11:58AM
    • Views : 835
  • Avatar : conrad

    The Things We Do

    This week alone I've walked, hiked and climbed to photo locations. I've been rained on, had freak waves from a sea loch wash over me, got cold, muddy and wet - and got exhausted, of course. Did I get any spectacular shots? No. Am I happy with...

  • Avatar : photoshoper


    Making photograph through a microscope is called photomicrography .It is not beyond the capabilities of most photographers, provided their interest is great enough and their working methods are careful and accurate .There is certainly no shortage of ...

    • Posted by : photoshoper
    •  27 Apr 2011 8:48PM
    • Views : 1301
  • Avatar : BadSoulPhotography

    Wildlife Photography

    By BadSoulPhotography - Wildlife Photography 101 The most important thing to remember when photographing wildlife is that the animals are wild and could be dangerous. You could lose your life if you are attack...

  • Avatar : BadSoulPhotography

    Composing A Photo

    Composing a Photo By BadSoulPhotography Composition Photographers compose a picture much like a Composer does a song, with a lot of thought and technique. You want your pictures to tell a story. You don't want someone looking at your pictures wond...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Photos Not Just For People

    I've gone through life thinking that only people used photographs. We use them for so many purposes, but I never even considered the possibility that anyone or anything else but humans would have any use for photos at all. But today I read on a Du...

  • Avatar : conrad

    "Why Did You Take These Photos?"

    Every now and then I take some photo albums with me when I visit my mother. She has no Internet access and it's the only way for her to see what I've been up to. Before my last visit, I realised that it was a long time ago that I had shown her any...

  • Avatar : lengreen

    Race for life

    Braved the weather to take photos at the Ipswich Race for Life, after two hours of heavy rain it was proving difficult to keep the lens free of condensation so I called it a day, see photos Donate to cancer research

    • Posted by : lengreen
    •  7 Jun 2009 7:47PM
    • Views : 791