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  • Avatar : conrad

    Helpful, More Helpful, Most Helpful

    So we've been doing our best lately to leave helpful critique on photos in the Gallery. Some have liked the feature that allows others to nominate comments on photos as helpful critique, and they have exhausted themselves in writing whole novels,...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Some Of My Favourite Photos...

    ... were taken by an American! Shock and horror, I know. Can't help it, though. The man lives in a stunning part of the world (Utah), and although I won't say that you can't take bad photos of such an impressive place, it really does help, being in s...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Modifiable = Critiqueable...?

    Still thinking about yesterday's blog entry, so this is more or less a sequel. I'm really getting into writing critiques now, more than before - it actually seems to become the thing to do now, thank heaven! On the forum, people have suggested tha...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  28 Jun 2008 7:23PM
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  • Avatar : conrad

    Anyone Can Critique An Image!

    I decided to start this blog entry with a bold statement. as you can see. :-) But I happen to be convinced it's true: You don't have to be an expert to evaluate an image, because that's basically what is is, writing a critique. You take a critical...

  • Avatar : conrad

    What Not To Shoot

    When I was typing the title, it made me think of Trinny and Susanna and their program 'What Not To Wear'. But this isn't about clothes, it's about photos - of course. Yesterday, as I passed up several opportunities for taking photos, I was thinkin...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Being Self-critical Or Just Plain Rubbish

    Today I experienced what seems to have become a pattern: I go to a wonderful location or event. I shoot several Gigabytes worth of images. I copy them to the computer. I look at the photos. I delete most of them. Sound familiar? If it does...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Why No Response?

    We've had a lot of threads on the forum about clicks, comments and critiques in the photo gallery. With regards to comments and critiques, we have come to the conclusion that not everyone welcomes them. But some do. In fact, some want it so much ...