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Welcome to the ePHOTOzine Members' blogs where you can find all the blog entries from our members.


  • Avatar : helenlinda

    The greenhouse effect - day three

    Had a new toy delivered through the post this morning and went to the greenhouse to try it out in the rain. I've bought a monopod, and I think it will be a big help with camera shake. Its not always possible to set up a tripod in small areas, but I'...

    • Posted by : helenlinda
    •  13 Apr 2013 10:11PM
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  • Avatar : conrad

    Almost Christmas

    Christmas is almost upon us, people! No white Christmas this year, weather forecasters assure us, and lots of rain before Christmas Day, and possibly some on Christmas Day. Oh well. So it's better to be inside a lot, I suppose. Even for shopping. Whi...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Rain and Sunshine

    As people who don´t just live inside our houses, but go outside as well, I suppose we´re not always too happy with the fact that weather is changeable, and that sunshine does sometimes make place for rain - or worse. But as photographers, we shoul...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  26 Nov 2012 9:14AM
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  • Avatar : CaptivePhotons

    Project 365-125

    What a day; high winds and torrential rain. I normally like to get out of the office for 20-30 minutes and go for a walk. Not today! Here's a picture from my window, taken with the iphone 4 and Hipstamatic. Bigger view in the group.

  • Avatar : Pete

    Photo365 - 363 - Raining

    My older son came up to stop over. We went for a bike ride yesterday and a curry in the evening. Today it rained all day so we had a few battles on Call of Duty MW3. Then we headed into town so he could check out some trainers. The rain on his black ...

  • Avatar : CaptivePhotons

    Project 365-105

    Sitting in Starbucks out of the rain waiting for the bus to go home after work. Taken with the iPhone 4 Larger version here

  • Avatar : discreetphoton

    Day 100: Stretching out

    Stretching out I went out in search of a bit of colour this evening, and caught this at the end of a very wet, grey end to the day. My elastic band got double duty today, holding a small chamois leather in place to keep the zoom mechanism dry...

  • Avatar : bfgstew

    72 - 365

    Rain stopped play.................. Says it all really!!!! Sat in the car and just couldn't think of anything to photograph, well it was raining and dull so not really inspiring weather. Decided to photograph the rain on the window, I quite like t...

    • Posted by : bfgstew
    •  7 Nov 2011 9:49PM
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  • Avatar : discreetphoton

    Day 53: Here comes the rain again...

    Here comes the rain again... I’ve always enjoyed watching rain from a distance, and how it interacts with the land and the light. The downside is knowing you’re about to get very wet! Nikon D300; Tamron 18-270mm @ 23mm; 400 ISO; f/9; 1/800...

  • Avatar : Pixel_Alchemist

    9/ 365 In a forest of Blades

    Sitting upon the edge, within a forest of blades, a drop of liquid, so common we take it for granted. Yet without it, life could not be sustained. It is with this I begin my journey and exploration into the liquid realm, through the media of photogr...

  • Avatar : Pete

    Photo365 - 259 - it's raining

    I'm still making the most of the poppies that grew in my garden and I decided to try out my new hose pipe (bought for £4 from Tesco yesterday). I took the Elincrom D-Lite flash outdoors and positioned it to the right and behind the poppy heads. I th...

  • Avatar : Pete

    Photo365 - 133 - clematis

    The clematis is out, and it's raining - cue tonight's photo. Clematis flower on a wet patio table.

  • Avatar : Pete

    Photo365 - 46 - Window

    It's been raining all day and making those small pattering sounds on the window. So here's my window looking out. Focus is on the reflections of the background tree in the drops. A wide aperture was used to make the tree branches totally out of focus...

    • Posted by : Pete
    •  15 Feb 2011 9:41PM
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  • Avatar : ianbutty

    Bad weather photography - published by ePhotoZine!

    This will only be a short blog entry to let people know I've had my first article published by ePhotoZine. The feature entitled: "What to photograph when the weather turns bad" is all about taking good photos when the weather turns against us. Fiv...

    • Posted by : ianbutty
    •  20 Oct 2009 2:32PM
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  • Avatar : john64

    Warning: Cameras and rain don't mix.

    When the alarm went off yesterday morning at seven, I jumped out of bed in excitement. I was off to the MotoGP at Donington... then I drew back the curtain and saw the weather. It was just a litte bit grim here in Middle-England. I got there in p...