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  • Avatar : Robert51

    Is It Time To Start Shooting In The RAW...

    As much fun it may be to shoot naked this doesn't need for you to take all your clothes off. This is about taking the step to shoot in the RAW format and time to ditch the JPEG. For years like most I shot in jpeg which allowed me to shoot more images...

  • Avatar : lemontart

    Moved to RAW

    Finally braved up and started shooting raw - loved results on my new compact - now to play with my bridge camera before moving onto doing same with my dslr ...........well small steps forward

    • Posted by : lemontart
    •  24 Mar 2014 11:55AM
    • Views : 562
  • Avatar : Scottelly

    I Now Shoot Exclusively A Foveon Sensor

    Sorry I made no blog entries in 2013. I think I forgot about this blog. Anyway, I am now shooting with my old Sigma SD14, after trying the Sony A55 for a while. I sold that camera and still have a couple of lenses for it. I plan to sell one of the le...

    • Posted by : Scottelly
    •  13 Mar 2014 2:29PM
    • Views : 600
  • Avatar : cathal

    I am what I am because of who we all are

    For well over a month now, Iíve been using the Ubuntu distribution of Linux. An installation of Windows Vista had rendered an otherwise functioning laptop to the scrap heap, and the installation of Ubuntu proved conclusively that the hardware was fin...

    • Posted by : cathal
    •  6 Feb 2010 12:03AM
    • Views : 427
  • Avatar : jinstone

    RAW and B&W

    Ok I'm going to sound a right nit wit here, I've just begun experimenting with RAW files but have continued to switch between B&W and colour. Started to look at my files and all the B&W ones have come out red where I had a red filter on and if I t...