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  • Avatar : conrad


    The Oxford Dictionary adds about a thousand new words a year, and today a list of new additions to the online dictionaries was announced. Among them one term that not only holds interest for me as a linguist, but also as an amateur photographer: 'sel...

  • Avatar : conrad

    "Real Men Wear Purple"

    I've heard several women complain that too many men mostly go for 'safe' colours in their choice of clothes. Their wardrobes, so they say, contain too many blacks, greys and browns. And although I can see good reasons for wearing those colours (es...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Interpreters' Booth

    Part of my working life is spent sitting at a computer, typing. And another part is spent talking into a microphone - in an interpreters' booth (or if circumstances are less ideal, sitting or standing among members of an audience). I recently real...