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  • Avatar : AliceLuisePhotography

    The Blog of An Alevel Photography Student Part 21

    Well sorry guys no digital photographs to show you just yet.. been really busy havent had time to sit and go through them. Maybe tomorrow or monday ill sort them out. Ergg silly tab button keeps going to "search tags" instead of indenting, anyway ...

  • Avatar : AliceLuisePhotography

    The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 12

    Well my exam practical work isn't work so far.. mainly because it means relying on others. Yesterday my sister had a few friends round and one let me take some photographs in living room of her on a cello, wasn't an ideal setting and my sister only l...

  • Avatar : msknight

    Event shooting

    Back in 2007, I was lucky enough to get to shoot an all-day event. It started at a reasonable time in the morning and went on for what must be around 12 hours, ending with shooting, "The Feeling," on stage. I ended up with a aching body from carry...

    • Posted by : msknight
    •  28 Jan 2011 7:36AM
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  • Avatar : colmar

    29th January

    Hi Not a lot of time today to sit about, got the gear cleaned down and made sure batterries were fully charge. Off to Dover and what turned out to be a massive learning curve for us both. Indoor harsh overheard lights and speed of play, I ...

    • Posted by : colmar
    •  29 Jan 2010 10:23PM
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  • Avatar : colmar

    28th January

    Hi A day editing yesterday's portrait sitting, images loaded to disc and memory stick and delivered this afternoon, job done. Client happy , and so was I to be honest. Have another shoot tomorrow afternoon and another first for me sports, foo...

    • Posted by : colmar
    •  28 Jan 2010 11:18PM
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  • Avatar : colmar

    6th January

    Hi Wow finished nightshift at 6 am went to bed , got wakened by some tele marketer went back to bed and lo and behold 4 inches of snow. Arrived in to work after skidding three times and twice because of idiots that think give way means someon...

    • Posted by : colmar
    •  7 Jan 2010 2:48AM
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  • Avatar : colmar

    2nd and 3rd January

    Hi Firstly an apology for not managing the daily blog yesterday, time and work pressures simply did not allow for it .... Had a shoot this am the first in a wee while. It all went well and the client left clutching her cd and full of thanks, t...

    • Posted by : colmar
    •  3 Jan 2010 10:49PM
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  • Avatar : xanda

    Episode 18

    Well it had to happen, didn't it. I've been upstaged by the wife. While I was doing the snowbound shoot with Ruby, Jean came along to snap a few photos of the snow. As is her habbit she also grabbed a candid shot of me and Ruby as we scouted the loca...

    • Posted by : xanda
    •  22 Jun 2009 12:12AM
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  • Avatar : conrad

    Shoot Before It's Too Late!

    ... Or at least before the landscape changes drastically! What got me thinking about this, was a combination of a thread on the forum and a newsletter article from the makers of Outdoor Photographer (not Outdoor Photography, the UK publication, bu...

  • Avatar : NickParry

    Uk Tour :)

    My UK tour starts today for 10 days :) . I have booked shoots far and wide, and I am working with some great models. Nick :)

    • Posted by : NickParry
    •  1 Jul 2008 1:18PM
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