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  • Avatar : conrad

    Shot from the hip

    I like street photography, but I haven't done a lot of it - I suppose I'm just not very courageous, I don't like people noticing that I'm pointing a lens at them. So the solution is to do it covertly. In this case, after having looked at this Cro...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Not One Shot

    Of late I have seen an improvement in my usable/unusable shots ratio. I used to have to throw out a very high percentage, but it has been getting better. Not just because I'm getting better at taking shots. No, I also (partly) put it down to know...

  • Avatar : conrad


    One has to be so careful. On a web site, we can only type our comments, we can't say them out loud (well, we can, but no one will hear us), we can't use facial expressions, voice inflections, or any other way to show what we mean. All we have at our ...