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    Project 365-183

    Halfway through the 365 project and I'm amazed I got this far. Another of the shell, this time on a sheet of black perspex. Cloning the dust off the perspex was a nightmare, and I thought I had cleaned it! Bigger view

    1Project 365-183
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    Project 365-179

    More shells on a sack. Larger view.

    1Project 365-179
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    Project 365-167

    A bit of a struggle today as I was so busy. A fluorescent office light shade waiting to be installed was the quick answer. Bigger here

    1Project 365-167
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    Project 365-158

    Another shell, this time a freebie from the beach. Bigger shell here and it does look better larger :P

    1Project 365-158
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    Project 365-157

    Still mucking about with the shells I bought off of eBay. A Conch shell, again processed in Silver Efex Pro. Larger version in the Gallery and the Group

    1Project 365-157
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    Project 365-156

    I have purchased a few shells from Ebay (very cheap) and intend too use them as further practice towards a Stll Life project. I didn't have all the elements to hand today so made do with a macro shot of one of them. Also in the gallery and the...

    1Project 365-156
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    Project 365-139

    Spanner! Bigger spanner

    1Project 365-139
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    Project 365-134

    Today was one of those photographic days when I said 'screw this' :D Bigger screw this here

    1Project 365-134
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    Project 365-129

    Something quick and easy for the weekend. A slice of Kiwi fruit stuck to the window. Bigger slice here

    1Project 365-129
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    Project 365-118

    I've had this picture in my mind for some time now but the elements have always conspired against me, either the tide wasn't right, the sea was too rough, I was working etc, etc. Today however was the colsest I have been to getting what I wanted, the...

    1Project 365-118
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    Project 365-117

    The subway by the West Pier going beneath Kings Road in Brighton. I have uploaded three versions and the original in the gallery.

    1Project 365-117
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    Project 365-103

    It's about time. In fact the 365 project is all about time, sometimes I have too much, other times too little, but it's always running out eventually. I particularly liked this image, not because it's a masterpiece but because of the contrast to t...

    1Project 365-103
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    Project 365-98

    Day 98 and it's light and shade. A lightshade and bulb on the ceiling. Larger version in the 365 Group

    1Project 365-98
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    Project 365-91

    I got stuck this evening, I was intending to resume the 'foodabet' on G but all I could find in the cupboards was a jar of ginger. Now it might have made a nice picture as it was covered in gloopy syrup, but I wasn't going to take the chance of getti...

    1Project 365-91
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    Project 365-87

    Back to the 'foodabet' today and I am effing :) F is for Fish (Tomorrow's brekkie :P) Larger version in the 365 Group

    1Project 365-87