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  • Avatar : NikitaMorris

    What A Sunset!

    Sunsets are an amazing thing that should be appreciated (they're great for a spot of daily mindfulness!) but this one from the other night was particularly spectacular. The deep purples and pinks are just beautiful! The Google Pixel has a night mod...

    1What A Sunset!
    • Posted by : NikitaMorris
    •  17 Nov 2022 12:24PM
    • Views : 348
  • Avatar : NikitaMorris

    Sunsets & Seas

    I captured this while sat in the passenger seat of a moving car and itís turned out to be such a great photo. I love the colours, the different lines/sections and how the clouds guide your eye in. Then thereís the subtle reflection of the sun on th...

    1Sunsets & Seas
  • Avatar : NikitaMorris

    Sunsets & Beach Brollies

    An evening out and this lovely sunset graced us with its presence. I really like the colours in these images and the HDR look which is straight from the smartphone. The movement from the waves is lovely, too. :)

    2Sunsets & Beach Brollies
  • Avatar : Dave_Henderson


    ....... today. A change of subject. A couple of hours spent at the seaside this afternoon. Took the M10 and tripod with me. Rather than bore everyone with a long narrative, here is a selection of shots I took and then processed in tablet using th...

  • Avatar : conrad


    So... I left my camera battery charger somewhere else. But no problem, there's always my phone. I use it as a back-up camera. Right. Well, I broke my phone the day before yesterday, I dropped it on a tiled floor. But I ordered a new phone, and it a...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Traveling Light

    Having sold all of my heavy photo kit a few years ago due to worsening back problems, and having replaced it with lighter MFT kit, the natural thing to do was to also sell off my two rather heavy tripods, a Manfrotto, and one of the bigger Velbon mod...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  13 Aug 2014 1:22PM
    • Views : 4436
  • Avatar : conrad


    What do you do when you see a really nice sky just before sunset, but you're en route to an appointment, you've only stopped to fill up with fuel, and there's something in the way that you wouldn't normally consider suitable for a nice skyscape? Y...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  4 Oct 2013 4:24PM
    • Views : 894
  • Avatar : Dave_Henderson

    1 of 52 - part 3 - Wednesday - Wish.......

    ....... I'd have taken the 5D to the lake tonight instead of the compact, would have been able to come back with something decent. The sky was overcast when I left so decided not to strap the 5D and tripod to my back. Within twenty minutes of getti...

    11 of 52 - part 3 - Wednesday - Wish.......
  • Avatar : Dave_Henderson

    365 - 13 _ Newbiggin sunset.....

    ........ turned out to be a bit of a disappointment after having visions of the location being a bit more picturesque during sunset. At least it got me outdoors to enjoy the late evening light and clean air on the coast, no wind either, a cyclists ha...

    4365 - 13 _  Newbiggin sunset.....
  • Avatar : Dave_Henderson

    365 - 12 - Newbiggin sunset.

    Such a beautiful evening up here I've decided to have a pedal to Newbiggin for a sunset. Have had this location in my head for a while now and hope the idea comes off tonight. As the setting sun will be in the right place (I think!) I may well come b...

    2365 - 12 - Newbiggin sunset.
  • Avatar : conrad

    Grainy Sunset

    From my iPhone film roll. The phone upped the ISO quite a bit in order to be able to take the shot. And despite the use of noise-reducing software, the picture still looks like quite grainy. But I like it. :-)

    1Grainy Sunset
    • Posted by : conrad
    •  18 Mar 2013 8:35AM
    • Views : 1611
  • Avatar : conrad

    Impression: Sunset

    The other day there was a sunset with a totally empty sky (except for the sun, of course), I couldn't find anything exciting to serve as foreground interest, and just didn't think that the intended approach to the subject would be very interesting. S...

    1Impression: Sunset
    • Posted by : conrad
    •  2 Mar 2013 12:00PM
    • Views : 1264
  • Avatar : conrad

    iPhoneography Sunset

    What do you do when you've lost track of time and the sunset arrives quicker than you thought, and there's no time to pick up your camera? Well, besides simply enjoying the colour spectacle enfolding before your eyes, you can't, of course, ignore ...

    1iPhoneography Sunset
    • Posted by : conrad
    •  27 Feb 2013 10:45AM
    • Views : 1678
  • Avatar : discreetphoton

    Day 212: A dying sun

    Thickening fog at the end of the day seemed to sap the strength right out of the sun this evening. I liked the muted quality of the colours that this produced, and decided that the photograph was best left to a plain, uncluttered composition. In...

    1Day 212: A dying sun
  • Avatar : discreetphoton

    Day 205: Afterglow

    After a minor soaking in Leeds, we stopped off on the way home so that I could grab the last of the sunlight in Greasborough. You can still see some of the rain on the right of the photograph. It just needed a cyclist coming up the trail. Niko...

    1Day 205: Afterglow