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  • Avatar : conrad

    The Tangerine Test

    As I wrote recently, I've been given an old analogue Canon EOS Rebel SLR. It came with a cheap standard zoom lens, a 35-80mm. I also told you that I have a new acquaintance, someone who fiddles with lenses. Handy little man. He fixed my 50mm 1....

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  29 Dec 2011 4:15PM
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  • Avatar : bfgstew

    Flash in the eye

    Posted this in the gallery but also want you other bloggers to see. A shot of my eye using the homemade ringflash. Set in manual at 1/64th power and camera on 1/250thsec @ f9 hand held.

  • Avatar : bfgstew

    First run out with ring flash

    This is a gear wheel, it's on a machine in our workshop for repair so I thought I would try out the new ring flash. This was taken without flash, sorry forgot to get EXIF data.........DOH. This was taken with flash, 1/250 sec @ f2.8 ...

    • Posted by : bfgstew
    •  8 Sep 2011 8:47AM
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  • Avatar : Paintman

    Comparisons and Working Distances.

    Following on from my previous blog I thought I'd put side by side comparisons of the different set ups that produced similar sizes of the subject in the photograph. This shows the difference in working distance that can be achieved which can be usefu...

    • Posted by : Paintman
    •  2 May 2011 7:42AM
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  • Avatar : Paintman

    Using a 70-200mm lens for close-up photography.

    This is a quick test to see if a Canon 70-200mm f4 L IS lens with a closest focus of approximately 1200mm is a good lens for butterfly and close-up photography. The idea was to see how close the focus was using combinations of extension tubes and...

  • Avatar : Pouzy

    Test blog entry

    Hi Guys, This is just a small test to see if everything is all right with the new blogs :) I hope you are all going to like this new section!

  • Avatar : IanA

    Lens variety.

    Over the last couple of weeks I've been struggling to get to grips with the new 45mm PC-E lens from Nikon (Review appearing soon) as it is a very specialised lens, and specialised in an area that I don't normally take images. It's been an interest...

    • Posted by : IanA
    •  19 Sep 2008 8:36AM
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  • Avatar : IanA

    D700, part two!

    Well I've had one for a little over a week now. Did I say I didn't want one? Well, this one belongs to Nikon and they're going to want it back soon. :( My comments about the crop factor are still, IMHO, valid for my kind of photography, but the fac...

    • Posted by : IanA
    •  1 Sep 2008 11:45PM
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  • Avatar : ade_mcfade

    Testing 1-2-3

    A new feature I've not actually used before wonder how many people read these things?