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  • Avatar : ElleJe


    Although there are many wonderful places throughout the world, there are few places that are so humbling and yet so majestic that they take your breath away. Throughout my travels I have visited many awe-inspiring places but a few stand out above the...

    • Posted by : ElleJe
    •  29 Apr 2015 1:53PM
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  • Avatar : conrad

    I Still Can"t Get Used To It

    Over the decades, and now that we're already in the 21st century I suppose you could even say 'through the ages', travel photography has seen many changes - especially in the size of the cameras. Initially, of course, you needed transportation for wh...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Every Disadvantage Has an Advantage

    Just paraphrasing Dutch football star Johan Cruijff here, he once said "Every advantage has a disadvantage" - but I suspect that, like a mathematical equation, you can turn that around as well. For several years now, I've had to work my [...censo...

  • Avatar : BERRY

    First Foray

    This is my first foray into blogging. I'm going to upload a few pics I took in Barcelona earlier in the year for starters. I was lucky with the weather and the light was good. The place is fascinating, especially if you've never been before, which I ...

    • Posted by : BERRY
    •  11 Jul 2012 10:17PM
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  • Avatar : discreetphoton

    Day 66: Homeward bound

    Homeward bound Today we left my family and headed home. We often see some great light driving along the A66, but as is often the case, itís never never the parking areas. We did manage to stop and watch the sun breaking through the clouds nea...

  • Avatar : conrad

    One Lens Travel Photography

    I like to travel light. Because it's easier not to travel with bulky luggage. And because it's easier on my bad back. And because it's sometimes cheaper as well. For the Skye Meet, I tried. I really tried. But I did end up with two big bags anyway...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Close to Home

    "How do you take a great landscape photo?" I've read and heard many different answers to this question, but there are a few common denominators among the many different suggestions. One that really makes sense, is that it helps to have good l...