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  • Avatar : clicknimagine

    Same image upload...

    There is nothing written here in the terms of using the site how many times you can upload a same image that you have already uploaded here before in your pf... To me the term 'Same Image' excludes the following... 1. A same image but one in colour...

  • Avatar : conrad


    I've done something very, very unusual today. Well, that is to say, it's highly unusual for me. I know other people do it. But I normally don't. I think that in five years or so I've only done it twice. Or possibly three times. Which isn't very often...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Not Spectacular But Nice Enough

    Does this happen to you? You take a number of shots, come home, load them onto your computer and think: Hmmm, these aren't going to blow anyone away when they see them, but they're nice enough. Nothing spectacular, but pleasing images nevertheles...

  • Avatar : Pete

    Pete's Tips 5 - check image before upload

    This is a quick way to see how a photo will look once it's uploaded before you upload it. many members at some point upload a photo and find it's not looking how they'd hopes. That's because your image editing program may display the image differentl...

  • Avatar : conrad

    EPZ Needs YOU!

    I wanted to give this blog entry the title "Ask Not What EPZ Can Do For You, But What You Can Do For EPZ" - but it seemed a bit long... It's a quote from John F. Kennedy - a rallying call from a time when this president felt that Americans needed ...

  • Avatar : fentiger

    Today's Upload

    I have just uploaded a photo to my portfolio it should do better than yesterday's (which managed 30 votes) as it is a flower. Being the worst judge of my own photographs I find it impossible to forecast how my work will be received. I usually get ...