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  • Avatar : conrad

    From the IPhone Film Roll Archive

    I spotted a hitherto unnoticed usable shot in the archive with my iPhone Film Roll photos, and thought I'd do something with it. So, from a quick Mumbles visit on a Wales trip, processed with the Snapseed app, here it is:

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  5 Sep 2013 12:04PM
    • Views : 849
  • Avatar : conrad

    Black Rock Cottage

    I think I must have photographed Black Rock Cottage in Glencoe on almost every trip to Scotland, except the last one. My photo collection contains quite a few photos of it, it's a recurring theme in the Scotland p´ctures. And that goes for ePhotoz...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  14 Sep 2012 8:50AM
    • Views : 1569
  • Avatar : Bonvilston

    The Knap

    Week 2 of my Project 52 on the subject of Barry ( South Wales ). This is where I got stuck in the mud flats. Got my shoes back now though ;) This is my chosen image, but all the others can be seen here This one goes to show that there are t...

    • Posted by : Bonvilston
    •  15 Jan 2012 1:59PM
    • Views : 7034
  • Avatar : AndreG

    Nash Point.

    Went to Nash Point last sunday and the weather was a write off, stayed to see if it would change but no chance, so it was another 3 hour drive home. Don't seem to be having much luck with the weather at the moment on landscape trip's but I surpose t...

  • Avatar : pepperst

    Bore da

    Right thats the shit part of summer done with, teaching spoilt brat kids english and manners whilst dealing with a muppet of a manager. Still money earnt and for once not spent, though that 70-200 2.8 keeps talking to me. Moved down to the lovely ...

    • Posted by : pepperst
    •  5 Aug 2008 11:23AM
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  • Avatar : NickParry

    The Week so far

    Well I have had a few bookings for shoots over the last few days. All unpaid and on a TFP basis, but at least it's allowing me to create some more interesting images. Firstly, I have been asked to do a shoot for a Breast Cancer Charity Calendar wh...