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Buying the right camera, lens, accessory or software to suit your photography is really important. Our product reviews offer independent views with hands-on opinion and honest verdicts aimed to give you all the important information you need to make the best buying decisions.

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21 Nov 2018 1:03pm
Film is Most Definitely Not Dead - Interview With Matt Wells
"Everyone should try shooting with film cameras, it's fun and could make you a more disciplined photographer" - says Matt Wells, owner of Ag Photographic, who was interviewed by John Duder.
19 Nov 2018 6:00PM
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21 Nov 2018 1:00pm
Do You Need The Latest Kit Or Will Secondhand Gear Do?
John Duder is finding out just how good kit needs to be when you're on a tight budget and if 'good enough' secondhand kit can really cut it.
31 Aug 2018 11:28AM
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21 Nov 2018 11:00am
20% Off FotoVUE Photo-Location Guidebooks
Local knowledge guiding you to the most beautiful photographic locations.
1 Nov 2018 12:00AM
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21 Nov 2018 9:31am
38 Essential Software For Photographers
Here are 38 software suggestions for those wanting to make money from their photography.
5 Sep 2017 8:00AM
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20 Nov 2018 4:28pm
Why I Still Use Micro Four Thirds
David Thorpe has been a big Micro Four Thirds (MFT) fan for a while now but in his latest video, he's wondering if MFT might have had its day.
15 Nov 2018 2:04PM
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19 Nov 2018 1:15am
Best Photography Black Friday Deals 2018
Black Friday sales are here! We round up the best deals for photographers in 2018. From cameras and lenses to smartphones and accessories, we've got you covered.
22 Nov 2018 9:25AM
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19 Nov 2018 1:14am
QR11 - 3 Legged Thing's Universal L-Bracket
L-Brackets are more useful than you first thought - learn more about 3 Legged Thing's Universal L-Bracket here.
1 Nov 2018 12:00AM
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18 Nov 2018 7:37pm
How To Photograph Kitchen Utensils And Cutlery Creatively
See how daylight and a few utensils can help you create interesting photographs.
18 Nov 2018 12:10AM
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18 Nov 2018 7:21pm
Top Portrait Photography Books To Read Right Now
Here are 16 books that will help you master the art of portrait photography.
20 Sep 2018 9:00AM
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18 Nov 2018 2:26pm
Adapting Vintage Legacy Lenses For Use On New Digital Cameras
A whole world of old lenses are out there waiting to be explored, you just have to know what you're looking for and that's what John Duder is going to help you out with.
16 Feb 2018 9:09AM