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The ePHOTOzine Team

The Teams that make ePHOTOzine possible.


Here is the team behind the successful site ePHOTOzine. We are all employed by Magezine Publishing Ltd and work on this web site and other photographic related products. We have a wealth of publishing, editorial, sales, design and web knowledge between us and are here to help make your photography on the web a much better experience.

Tracey Jennings

Tracey started her ePHOTOzine career in 2003 and is now Managing Director, responsible for the day-to-day running of ePHOTOzine and managing the team. She also heads-up the commercial aspects of advertising and marketing (having a sales and marketing background spanning 20 years). She specialised in cinematography and production in her media degree and loves the skill and talent of the site members. Contact Tracey with general business, advertising or marketing queries.

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Nikita Morris

Nikita is part of the editorial team here at ePHOTOzine. Before joining us, she studied journalism at the University of Sheffield. In her spare time she likes to travel and enjoys sport and gym related activities.

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Daniel Bell

Originally from Harrogate, Daniel moved to Worksop and joined the ePHOTOzine team in February of 2007. He graduated from The University Of Liverpool in 2005 with a degree in Mathematics & Statistics and in August 2009 qualified as an AAT Accounting Technician. Outside of work he enjoys Rugby League, Cricket and Snooker as well as watching many other sports and also enjoys listening to music.

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Moderators The following ePHOTOzine members were appointed as moderators between December 2004 and now, and as part of the team, they help manage the forums and galleries to reduce errors, remove abuse and help new members find their way around.

Malcolm Bernhard

A Scot living in Norway, Malc joined ePHOTOzine in 2010 when he bought his first DSLR. Before that, he was a keen SLR user in the '70s and '80s , but used only a small Canon pocket camera in the intervening years. Now retired, Malc says he has finally found a photographic genre he loves to explore and experiment with, namely b&w. Malc has been a member of the moderator team since 2013.

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Karen Bacon

Karen has a level headed attitude to most things and has commented on thousands of your photos. She joined ePHOTOzine as a snapshooter in March 2004 and has since managed to grasp most aspects of photography and has a much loved portfolio - one of the top three most viewed to be precise!

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Chris Shepherd

Chris has been taking photos since he was given a digital camera in 2002. He works as a software developer in central London, has been an enthusiastic member of ePHOTOzine since 2003 and became Editor of the site's Favourite Locations in October 2006. He joined the mod team in April 2007.

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Critique Team

This team, comprising several ePHOTOzine members, have volunteered to actively contribute to the Critique Gallery to provide valuable feedback with sensible constructive advice to help new members improve and more experienced members develop further.

Willie Baneham

Willie has had an interest in photography from the time he was 17 years old. He owned a Pentax 35mm camera, and developed and printed B&W film in a small dark room for a year or so. He took a break from serious photography for many years after he was married and he raised 4 kids, and started up again about 10 years ago with a Canon Elan film camera, and then took to digital immediately it became mainstream. Willie has what's called an eclectic style - he takes pictures of anything, and likes digital manipulation. He feels that critiquing is not only a way for the person receiving the critique to improve, but also for the person critiquing.

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Pamela Vinton

Pamela's enthusiasm for photography began whilst working for the Forestry Commission in the New Forest. She made it a personal project to photograph every wild flower in the forest and produce ID information for visitors. This project gradually widened to include insects and wildlife. Now retired, she challenges herself to all aspects of outdoor photography, with a keen interest in abstracts and unusual aspects/angles. Having been the grateful recipient of constructive critique from site members herself, Pamela nowadays enjoys giving helpful advice to others travelling the same pathway to improvement.

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Moira Wooldridge

Moira received her first camera in 1959, and has not been without one since. She married into a press (and formerly WW2) photographer's family, and quickly became familiar with the darkroom and the deadlines. Her father-in-law's circle included local pressmen and also the Picture Post crowd, notably his old AFPU mate Bert Hardy who was a frequent visitor. She wishes she had learned more from them technically, but she watched them at work, their timing and what would now be called their people skills. She joined ePHOTOzine in 2006 and appreciates the focus and discipline that it has given her photography. Now retired and loving it, she uses her passion constructively, volunteering as Community Photographer and running a U3A Photography group. Her main areas are reportage and 'the smaller picture', but she will photograph anything. (That Calendar Boys project will happen one day... ) She has a particular interest in the psychology of how the eye and brain 'read' images. She believes in giving helpful, encouraging, polite critique, always on the basis of first trying to understand what a photographer is actually seeking to achieve.

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John Duder

John started developing his own films to save money for making model aeroplanes: six months in, the planes were consigned to the loft, and a lifetime addiction had started. A belated interest in digital began in 2005, but has never overcome John's love of black-and-white printing under a dim orange light, and his belief in the Contax RTS (with an 85mm Planar attached) as the peak of all camera development! An early interest in photographing girls has led to considerable experience in the studio, and John specialises in studio flash, low light and environmental portraiture. John's other interests include reading and writing: and over the last couple of years, he's found just how much fun sharing photographic knowledge can be and he's also learned that it's a great way to find out more about pictures, cameras and other interesting stuff like that. He's hoping that joining the Critique Team will start to improve his landscape photography.

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Keith Rowley

I got into photography with my first SLR in 1980 while still at school. I started off shooting colour slide, which I continued to do until the advent of digital. I dabbled in black and white deveoping and printing at school and university. I like the freedom digital has brought with it enabling me to get an image looking how I want it, and allowing me to indulge in monochrome again. I have a diverse range of photographic interests including but not limited to landscape, natural history, sports and action, still life, and studio work. I have spent many years in a training and development environment where constructive feedback and encouragement are part of the job, so I can bring those skills to the critique gallery. I came from a technical background so I can quickly gain an understanding of the technical considerations of photography but in the early days I put too much emphasis on this and not so much on the aesthetic and creative side of the subject. I'd encourage people to explore that side as I believe they'll develop quicker as a photographer that way. I'm also a believer in making the most of what we have and not buying equipment because we think it will give us better pictures.There are many great photographers out there, and they have all influenced me in one way or another to a greater or lesser extent, but Henri Cartier-Bresson with his capture of the 'decisive moment' philosophy says what photography is all about.

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Janet Walters

Janet has always had a camera of some kind, starting with a Kodak Brownie 127 far too many years ago. When the digital age appeared she treated herself to a little Fuji compact followed by a Fuji S7000, but even though she loved the macro facility she needed more. Next along was a Nikon D70, Nikon D2X & now a D300 & far more lenses than she actually needs. Floral images were her real starting point and she often raid the garden for subjects. She even plants special flowers in the garden that have good shape & form so that she can photograph them. Living 'out in the sticks' she gets loads of little birds in the garden, so her next project was to devise a set up where she didn't have to sit out in the freezing cold for ages, that worked very well & still does. Portraits were her next passion & she invested in a couple of nice studio lights, a big soft box ,triflector..and..and..the list goes on. Janet loves playing with light & watching the mood of an image alter as she changes the position & source of the light. Being creative & different is amazing, using layers & textures is fascinating & she spends far too much time at the computer trying different things. She joined a local Camera Club a couple of years ago & has been very successful. Last year she managed Photographer of the Year!

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The following are photographers and writers who contribute articles, techniques, interviews and reviews to ePHOTOzine. We welcome contributions from journalists, students and under-graduates wishing to gain work experience. We also encourage photographers who want to share knowledge, gain exposure or provide extracts from their books to contribute. If you have an idea please get in touch via the contact us form.

John Riley

John Riley is a keen photographer based near Manchester. John reviews equipment for ePHOTOzine and has written many articles for Pentax User, as well as judging photographic competitions, giving lectures on photography and covering weddings and also some commercial work. John has a passion for everything photographic!

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David Clapp

David Clapp is a non-award winning landscape, travel and architectural photographer based in the South West of England. He shoots for Getty Images and writes extensively in the photographic press, combining his wide technical and digital knowledge with striking imagery. An advocate of alternative lenses, David's approach to optics is unorthodox, shooting many adapted Contax, Nikon, Pentax and Olympus optics in front of his Canon cameras. An extensive traveller, he has clocked up 32 countries in the last four years.

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