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Any person (a "User") using the Forum facility on this website must comply with the Terms of Use set out below. These Terms of Use relate both to any person viewing Forum content and also to all registered members who contribute to the Forum.

1. ePHOTOzine is not responsible for the behaviour of any Users of the Forum. Due to the nature of the internet the Forum is accessible by persons in all parts of the world and Users should treat all Forum content with appropriate caution. ePHOTOzine does not operate a policy of reviewing messages which are posted on the Forum.

2. However ePHOTOzine reserves the right to edit or remove any material posted on the Forum at its discretion and in particular if ePHOTOzine considers that material is offensive or is the subject of a complaint by another User. Users should be aware that ePHOTOzine does not generally monitor Forum content.

3a. Do not use the forums to post any kind of advertising link to your business. Any threads which we feel are a breach of this rule will be deleted.

3b. The active promotion of charity, fundraising or business events in the forums cannot ordinarily be allowed. Where members aim to run an event that will involve asking participants for money or copyright release it should be noted that you must first contact the site before starting a forum thread, any forum threads started without consent will be deleted.

3c. Links actively promoting members own websites and threads opened for this purpose will be removed from all but the Website Showcase category. Links to personal websites can be allowed in other categories if relevant to the subject being discussed and in the case of adding your own link, only if you are an active e2 member. Members with no images in their portfolio will not be permitted to add personal links or images in forum posts. Links to personal websites can be freely added in the Website Showcase forum.

3d. Links to commercial website in which the member has an interest will only be allowed if relevant to the discussion. Where a thread is started on the premise of getting free advertising the thread may be deleted. We respectfully request that members do not ask friends or acquaintances to promote their businesses on their behalf, if we suspect such action is being taken we may consider the option of removing all profiles associated with this practice.

3e. Links to commercial website in which the member has no interest and linking to other information resources are allowed except where there is a legal or moral issue and subject to compliance of other T&Cs.

3f. Links to non-photographic sites allowed providing there is no legal or moral issue and does not breach other T&Cs.

3g. Links to direct competitor of ePHOTOzine is only allowed where information can be seen to be relevant to a topic - a link to relevant article may be allowed. At no time can a link to a direct competitor of ePHOTOzine be allowed for any other reason. Topics that promote rival sites aren't allowed in the forum.

4. ePHOTOzine reserves the right to edit or change Forum titles to improve their clarity and usefulness on the site.

5. Please do not type your message in Upper Case this is seen as shouting and rude.

6. Users may not post any material on the Forum which is in breach of any applicable civil or criminal law or regulation (including in particular laws relating to obscene and pornographic publications and libel) or which could be considered offensive, threatening or misleading in any way.

7. Any User who considers that any content posted on the Forum contravenes any of these Terms of Use are invited to report such material to us using the "Report Problem" link at the bottom of the page.

8. ePHOTOzine has no responsibility for the completeness, truth or accuracy of any material posted on the Forum by Users. Forum content which is contributed by Users does not constitute any advice, representation or recommendation on the part of ePHOTOzine.

9. Users (i) release ePHOTOzine from any liability arising out of any material included on the Forum which is posted by Users; and (ii) will indemnify ePHOTOzine against all liabilities, claims and expenses that may arise from any breach of these terms by the User.

10. ePHOTOzine is not liable to any third party for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or for any loss of data, profit, revenue or business, howsoever caused (whether arising out of any negligence or reliance by any party upon any of the opinions or advice posted by Users on the Forum or the breach of these Terms of Use or otherwise) or in respect of any failure to perform its obligations where such failure is caused by matters beyond its reasonable control.

11. The creation of multiple identities, unless expressly authorised by ePHOTOzine staff is not permitted. ePHOTOzine reserves the right to disable any members accounts who they suspect of such activity.

12a. Foul or abusive language, flaming and the discussion of illegal activities is not tolerated on ePHOTOzine. Any user who is, through their actions or events, found to be detrimental to the site or the good community spirit of EPZ...will have their account suspended or terminated without notice and we may report such activity to their Internet Service Provider or relevant authorities. Likewise if, after any such ban, the user re-enters the site under a different identity and carries on with such behaviour.

12b. If your actions are felt to be of a vigilante nature, disturbing/upsetting or bullying another member of the site, or are detrimental to the harmony of the ePHOTOzine community, the team may request you to cease & desist from your actions. Failure to comply with this request could lead to suspension from the site.

13. Notwithstanding any of the preceding Terms of Use (but subject to the Terms of Use set out below) ePHOTOzine's maximum liability to a User shall be £10.

14. Nothing in these Terms of Use shall operate so as to limit ePHOTOzine's liability for death or personal injury resulting from its negligence, or any other liability which may not by law be excluded.

15. We reserve the right to edit forum comments that include links to other web sites when we think the link is not appropriate and could affect our business or reputation.

16. Please do not use the forums to link to your profile or website as a self promotional tool. If a member wants to view your profile they can do so simply by clicking on your user name, if you want them to visit your website you can put a link to it in your profile.

17. Excerpts of e-mails will be removed. E-mails are generally meant for the recipient only and should not be posted or discussed on ePHOTOzine. If you have an issue with any of the e-mail's ePHOTOzine or an ePHOTOzine member of staff have sent, please contact one of the team.

18. ePHOTOzine moderators views and comments do not always reflect the opinions of ePHOTOzine.

19. Any discussion of moderator actions, or actions of ePHOTOzine staff on the ePHOTOzine.com website, may at our discretion, be removed. However, we always welcome dialogue about such actions via e-mail.

20. Signatures in gallery or forum postings, may only contain your name. Any other information, such as quotes, images or URLs will be edited by our moderators or one of the ePHOTOzine team. The proper place for this information is on your portfolio page.

21. Discussion of other members voting behaviour, or more generally the way other members choose to use this site (within the terms and conditions) will be locked/deleted/edited at the discretion of the Team and the Moderators.

22a. When uploading images into the forums you agree to abide by our Gallery Terms of Use.

22b. Please keep images you post in the forums relevant to the subject being discussed in the thread.

22c. Images that would be classified as adult nature are not allowed to be posted in the forums.

You should be aware that ePHOTOzine operates a warning and banning system. Members breaking the T&Cs may be subject to this system and failure to comply with a warning may result in a ban.

This page was last updated on 16/05/2018 - 11:00 AM