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Terms and conditions - General


The use of the ePHOTOzine web site is made available to you by Magezine Publishing Ltd. By entering the site you agree and accept the following terms and conditions.
Any person (a "User") using this website must comply with the Terms of Use set out below. These Terms of Use relate to all registered members who contribute to the site (Users) and all visitors to the site

G1. ePHOTOzine is not responsible for the behaviour of any Users of the site. Due to the nature of the internet the site is accessible by persons in all parts of the world and Users should treat all content with appropriate caution. ePHOTOzine does not operate a policy of reviewing messages or images that are posted on the site.

G2. However, ePHOTOzine reserves the right to edit or remove any material posted on the site at its discretion and in particular if ePHOTOzine considers that material is offensive or is the subject of a complaint by another User. Users should be aware that ePHOTOzine does not generally monitor content.

G3. ePHOTOzine has no responsibility for the completeness, truth or accuracy of any material posted on the site by Users. Content which is contributed by Users does not necessarily constitute any advice, representation or recommendation on the part of ePHOTOzine.

G4. You should be aware that ePHOTOzine operates a warning and banning system. Members breaking the Terms of Use may be subject to this system and failure to comply with a warning may result in a ban.

G5. Although Magezine Publishing Ltd takes reasonable precautions to preserve and protect any material you upload or submit, this service should not be solely relied upon. You should keep backup copies of any material you have uploaded.

G6. You should not use ePHOTOzine as a storage point for your images or content and ensure you have a duplicate version off site. Every effort is made to provide a stable and permanent website, but if unforeseen problems wipe out our content users have no right to demand anything of Magezine Publishing Ltd.

This page was last updated on 16 May 2018 11:00AM