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Thanks for visiting. Enjoy the flowers!
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Being now retired in central Pennsylvania, USA, where there are no significant sceneries for several hundred miles (IMHO), I have redirected my hobby time to growing and photographing flowers. My ambition is to keep planting and photographing ad infinitum. I particularly enjoy those flowers which seem to "glow" in their setting, lacking fine detailed contrasts, hairs etc., and being uniformly translucent.
I am grateful to ephotozine & its sponsors for this opportunity to post; far more rewarding than a personal website. I am also enormously grateful to the members of the Boalsburg Garden Club; without their continuing encouragement, advice and spare plants (!), my opportunities for floral photography would be much impoverished.

I struggled with dial-up connections for about six months then upgraded to 6Mbps cable modem, much, much better!


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