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Welcome to my world, feel free to stop a while, all comments and advice gratefully received.

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  • Day 35 - Show me the Money

    With my trip to Iceland on the horizon, thought it was about time i got myself some of the local currency. This is what 43,000 Icelandic Krona looks likes. Would be nice if the exchange rate was 1 for 1, but sadly not, this equats to about 250 qui...0


    4 Feb 2016 9:24PM  |  Read


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  • Day 34 - Industrial Sunrise

    Another catch up day. And another shot from my working life. A simple sunrise over Teesport, shot through my Windscreen. Den 0


    4 Feb 2016 7:53PM  |  Read


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  • Day 33 - Not the Aurora

    So i saw this phenomenon yesterday on the way home, couldn't find a spot to shoot it plus it was chucking it down. Consquently i was really pleased to see it again this morning. Polar Stratospheric Clouds or nacreous clouds, are clouds in the win...0


    2 Feb 2016 6:44PM  |  Read


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  • Day 32 - Vice

    Playing catch up again! Struggled for an image yesterday, so shot this when i got home. Think it's my only vice these days, as i rarely drink anymore. Den 0


    2 Feb 2016 6:20PM  |  Read


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  • Day 31 - Upcycled?

    So here we are at Day 31, which means that's 1 month down, 12 to go. And today another image to do with our move. This is No 2 daughters bed getting a coat of paint to banished that lovely orange pine, before we move. The hand model in this, is...0


    31 Jan 2016 9:54PM  |  Read


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  • Day 29 - Wet and Wild

    Another wild day up North yesterday, and mildly moist in the morning too. This shot was taken whilst sat waiting to unload, early yesterday morning. Shot through a very wet windscreen, tried to focus on the rain, to produce this bokeh effect, ...0


    30 Jan 2016 7:32PM  |  Read


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  • Day 28 - Imperfect Match

    Struggling for a shot today. Nothing has presented itself so a quick indoor shot tonight. Simply 4 matches, with No2 daughters Kindle as a backdrop. Den 0


    28 Jan 2016 8:41PM  |  Read


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  • Day 27 - She's Angry

    No photo opportunity presented itself at work today, so i stopped off at the fallls on the way home, as i knew the Swale would be running high. Not quite as high as it has been of late, but definitely wouldn't dip me toe in it. A rare shot for ...0


    27 Jan 2016 7:18PM  |  Read


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  • Day 26 - My World

    Finally got caught up. Today's shot gives a little glimpse into my working world. Taken this afternoon whilst waiting for my Boss to ring me back. This is the A1 upgrade between Leeming Bar and Barton, this part will eventually become the main c...0


    26 Jan 2016 5:06PM  |  Read


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  • Day 25 - Selene

    Got a bit pushed for time yesterday, with one thing and another. I did manage to get a shot, but to be honest, i'm not really sure why i bothered, totally unimpressed with it. Yep just the Moon. Den 0


    26 Jan 2016 4:36PM  |  Read


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  • Day 24 - Down the Quayside

    Ended up in Newcastle for most of yesterday, as No1 Daughter had a Cheer Competition at Northumbria Uni. Anyway after the competition had finished, we took the opportunity to pop down the Quayside, for a little play. First time i've been and also t...0


    25 Jan 2016 9:52PM  |  Read


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  • Day 23 - Much Photographed

    Still running a day late, should catch up today though, After a trip to Newcastle with No1 daughter. After dropping No2 daughter off at her riding lesson i had to pop into town, on the way out i grabbed a few shots around the falls, and along a roa...0


    24 Jan 2016 10:23AM  |  Read


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  • Day 22 - Road to Nowhere

    Another post thats a day late, simply because i had a stupidly long day yesterday. Think i was out the door at about half 4 yesterday morning and walked back in about 8 last night. Still i did manage to get a shot, the only frame i took yesterday, ...0


    23 Jan 2016 9:34PM  |  Read


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  • Day 21 - Post Apocalyptic

    Another glorious day on the Docks, today. Missed a belting sunrise as i couldn't get a decent view point from where i was. Anyway a bit later in the day, i did manage to get a shot of something before the sky turned grey. Taken looking back acr...0


    21 Jan 2016 9:27PM  |  Read


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  • Day 20 - Just An Apple

    Catching up again today, mostly because i was knackered last night and went to bed early. Also i was struggling for a shot, hence this. Just an Apple. Den0


    21 Jan 2016 8:54PM  |  Read


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