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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • Lancaster flypast

    A pity you didn't go - it was a great experience, Dave. I just wonder how much longer they'll be able to keep the old lady flying.
    The sky was rubbish so shooting from on or below the dam wouldn't have produced as good pictures as from the Edge.
    • 16 May 2008 6:09PM
  • dreamer

    Nice smile.
    Try cropping the left of the picture to lose the spare foot. Smile
    • 31 Aug 2006 7:41PM
  • What statue?

    Thanks for the comments everyone. This is one of my current favourite shots.
    The ghosting on the pic is because I've used some Gaussian blur in the treatment but it's not survived the size reduction for posting too well.
    • 31 Aug 2006 5:40PM
  • Porth Nanven 2

    Good composition, very eye catching. I like it.
    • 26 Apr 2007 7:08PM
  • Wistaria Cottage

    Pity about the red bucket (or whatever it is) which draws the eye. It'd be interesting to see how the picture would look if you could change the red to brown or green.
    Otherwise, yes, I think it's a good picture.
    • 30 Apr 2005 3:19AM
  • going, going, gone!

    Nicely presented though I think it would have been better if you'd managed to keep the same point of view for all three photos.
    • 30 Apr 2005 3:24AM
  • when you go away

    I like this picture - it's got a timeless feel to it.
    I do think it needs a little more tweaking so I'd suggest that you clone out the bright bit middle top that breaks the edge of the picture and trim a fraction off the left to get rid of that thin, dark bit.
    • 30 Apr 2005 3:52AM
  • Lake View

    Yes, wonderful colours but it doesn't quite work for me as a composition. There's such a broad expanse of lake between Mt.Cook and the rocks in the foreground that my eye doesn't settle on either
    • 1 Jan 2005 8:44AM
  • Welsh Farm

    I'd agree with Mark, the top 1/3rd is too bright and draws the viewer's attention up to the horizon rather to the farm.
    • 1 Jan 2005 8:50AM
  • toned tulip

    Nice, simple composition that works well.
    You've got some other nice ones in your portfolio. Have you seen the flower pictures done by Colin New ?
    • 1 Jan 2005 9:09AM
  • Lake Tekapo

    Nice looking location. I think that you have too much foreground making the picture bottom heavy. If you were to cut off about half of it (just below the blue flower right of centre) it would give you a far stronger composition.
    • 26 Oct 2004 12:56PM
  • alone

    I think I've made this comment to someone before. Putting a frame round any picture posted on here wastes valuable pixels since you've only got a maximum of 500 in the first place.
    Nice picture, though I think the signature is distracting.

    • 25 Sep 2004 5:14PM
  • Cornflower

    Just re-read my comment above. Duh! Insert "attention" after "my".
    • 2 Aug 2004 10:22PM
  • Dawn Light On Rising Mist

    Lovely lighting and colour. I think it would benefit from the removal of that dark tree that intrudes into the pictures at bottom left - it draws the eye too much.
    • 18 Jul 2004 5:27PM
  • Loch Tulla

    Very nice picture. Well done.

    Can I suggest that you might try trimming a little off the bottom - just enough to take off the ribbon of still water which draws attention to the edge of the picture.

    • 10 May 2004 6:14PM
  • About To Rain

    It's all been said already. Well done.

    • 10 May 2004 6:19PM
  • ouch

    Stinging nettle?
    • 5 Dec 2003 11:41PM
  • Ladybower from Burbage Edge

    Silly me! I got the Edge bit of the name right but it's Bamford not Burbage Sad
    This was taken mid July at 8:00pm on a Photo Society outing when we 25 members tunneling through the bracken to get to the Edge. It was worth the effort just for this view.
    • 12 Sep 2003 9:10AM
  • Carribean wasp

    Stands out well against the subdued colour of the background. It's a pity the stamens are cut off on the left. Moving the view slightly to the left would have brought all the flower into view and lost those distracting petals on the right.
    • 23 Aug 2003 8:20AM
  • Paradise

    How about cloning out that little bit of palm frond at top left of frame?
    • 23 Aug 2003 8:22AM
  • Macro Sterling

    Nice looking bracelet. You've handled the contrast well and the highlights aren't burned out. You could easily remove the specular reflections with almost any editing program. Had you considered using a different background, such as dark coloured velvet?
    • 23 Aug 2003 8:38AM
  • Lava formation

    I like the face, top right. Looks like something nasty, trapped in the lava Smile
    • 23 Aug 2003 8:43AM
  • Lavertera

    • 23 Aug 2003 8:51AM
  • Daisies

    I like the softness of the grey in this picture. Well done for spotting the potential.
    Just a thought - what about cropping off a strip at the bottom, just to the top of that white patch to the right. I think that could help prevent your eye from following that dark stem out of the picture.
    • 23 Aug 2003 9:02AM
  • He He

    I think you need to use a smaller aperture to give you a greater depth of focus. The focus seems to be on the leading edge of the wings.
    • 23 Aug 2003 9:09AM
  • Castle Coole

    Nice one.The filter's worked well with the subdued colours. Good composition, too. It leads you into the picture and leaves you wondering what's behind that grassy slope.
    • 23 Aug 2003 9:16AM
  • Jesmond Dene

    I like the way your eye is drawn into the picture, either under the bridge and up the river to the fallen tree in the middle distance or across the bridge then turning right at the end, back into the middle.
    • 20 Aug 2003 8:51PM
  • Thai Rain Forest

    Wonderful atmospheric shot but nothing to hold the viwers attention. Perhaps you could have made more of the vegetation on the left, which is in sharp focus.
    • 18 Aug 2003 7:12PM
  • Frozen Teasel

    Nicely done. I would, however, recommend that you crop the top off the picture, to about half way down the dark band.
    • 18 Aug 2003 7:23PM
  • Low Flying

    Those roof tiles must be well glued on Smile
    • 18 Aug 2003 7:44PM