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I'm retired and living in Northamptonshire, so plenty of time for photography.
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  • butterfly by ruurd

    Great composition - it holds my interest much more than many - albeit technically superb - butterfly shots!
    • 22 May 2022 9:18PM
  • Animals 212 by Durante

    Ghostly and angelic at the same time! Great comp and timing
    • 22 May 2022 9:06PM
  • Bookends and their visitor by Kaxxie

    I like v3 with the coot as well. The terrapin is almost certainly an alien, released unwanted. Hopefully it won’t be warm enough for them to breed!
    • 22 May 2022 9:00PM
  • La Creme de la Creme Quackers by Ericsamson

    …have you seen any of the duck cartoons in the Greg Larsen far side series… he would give this 10/10!
    • 22 May 2022 8:48PM
  • PCSO - PC Jack Daw, Police Corvid Support Officer by cooky

    Certainly one to crow about! Several word plays all in one, perfect for a Sunday. ungrateful birds though - I rescued one from our chimney had to take the wood burner apart...all he did was viciously peck me!
    • 22 May 2022 12:59PM
  • baden-nymph (3) by FabioKeiner

    she is very beautiful with excellent colourisation. I like this composition.
    • 22 May 2022 9:25AM
  • The £20,000 photo by Carlos9

    No handshake though Carl! Good shot too!
    • 21 May 2022 8:32PM
  • baden-nymph by FabioKeiner

    the colourisation works very well here - she becomes almost real, quite sexy, but still a sculpture!
    • 20 May 2022 9:18AM
  • Holkham mono by Carlos9

    Works well Carl!
    • 19 May 2022 3:16PM
  • Victoria Quarter by TrevBatWCC

    Fine views! I hate to admit it but I don't think I've ever been to Leeds. Something to do with Don Revie and Brian Clough? You have inspired me to visit (and Wakefield}
    • 19 May 2022 3:15PM
  • Snowball by taggart

    • 18 May 2022 8:29AM
  • The Cotton is High by cooky

    Good shot, peaceful, soothing composition. None of this down our way!
    • 17 May 2022 7:41PM
  • Clever crow by HobbitDave

    Greedy Guzzlers! Good shot though - they are surprisingly timid in our garden!
    • 17 May 2022 10:25AM
  • Blade Runner 2022 by RLF

    Excellent depth and colour (as always!) with the vestigial figures to give a link from abstract to reality, would look great as a large print (as would most of your images!)
    • 17 May 2022 9:36AM
  • St Anne’s Pier by victorburnside

    I like the simplicity and calmness of this!
    • 16 May 2022 5:29PM
  • Waiting To Bloom by deejay10

    Convoluted, abstract with superb subdued colour! Are we going to see an opening series?
    • 16 May 2022 5:11PM
  • When The Tide Went Out by gpimages

    Instant award Graham - timeless, mysterious, draws you in.... great depth and mono . Could be 100M years ago!
    • 16 May 2022 1:02PM
  • The big adventure by HobbitDave

    There is worry, anguish and hope in the eyes on these (apart from the last version!). Beautiful set. A post made for a robin!
    • 16 May 2022 9:20AM
  • Dreams dying by dudler

    Great view. In a hundred years time it will be a 'why?' shot, if the format can be read. A print in a time capsule?
    • 16 May 2022 9:17AM
  • the dissolving barbed wire (and an insect) by bliba

    Thanks Oliver made me think. The five lines are like a musical score, with notes lost or to be added…
    • 15 May 2022 6:32PM
  • George Tortoise by Acancarter

    Thanks Dave, yes they do, especially if there are strawberries to be had. If you read the book (not the TV series) by Gerald Durrell 'my Family and Other Animals' you will understand. I may have said this before, but as the tortoiseshells are dome shaped, they would have lift like an aerofoil. Slight problem is they need about a 200mph wind to take off. It doesn't stop them trying, they are often running and jumping!
    • 15 May 2022 9:36AM
  • Macro Lens Required But Not Headphones It Seems by tvhoward950

    The depth in this is amazing!
    • 14 May 2022 9:38PM
  • Spirit and Hagrid by cooky

    Great, moody shot. I can see you love ferns! A perfect place for them.
    • 14 May 2022 4:10PM
  • Tasty! by HobbitDave

    great shot! Not many gardeners on the side of the snail, so he is most welcome. Glad he wiped it to remove the grain, or was that snail film? it is Saturday after all!
    • 13 May 2022 11:32AM
  • Cubist Rotterdam by rontear

    Fabulous shot. A fisheye that doesn't shout 'fisheye', it engages the mind and makes you explore the image!
    • 13 May 2022 11:30AM
  • Mesmer Eyes by dudler

    The mouth/lips are mesmerising as well! And the P3200 grain.
    • 13 May 2022 9:16AM
  • Wild Garlic #2 by cooky

    First vote today Kath! You can almost smell this; excellent shadow and balance to the image. A sacrifice for cooking? Andy
    • 12 May 2022 10:02AM
  • This one’s woken up! by RLF

    Incredible depth and mystery in this one! it would make a great poster in an 'art' museum
    • 12 May 2022 9:56AM
  • Mornin ! by HobbitDave

    lovely - what a pleasure to have these in your garden!
    • 12 May 2022 9:52AM
  • Maid Marion by cooky

    Unusual and effective! I didn’t immediately see the figure - it is a reward for looking
    • 11 May 2022 5:28PM