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I'm retired and living in Northamptonshire, so plenty of time for photography.
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  • The Perfect Boiled Egg - A Lenticular Story

    For those of you who have read my blog on Lenticular Printing or seen my images you will have see that I used some of John Duder's captures to build these. My own images were a bit less successful. Here I've built up a still life of my own specifica...0


    3 Feb 2021 2:01PM  |  Read


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  • Lenticular Follow Up (Redacted)

    Hi - I've blurred any parts of the images which might be considered unsuitable, so reposted this without the 18 restriction. Iíve been trying a few images of my own and another one of Johnís, which I think works really well with this treatment. Jo...0


    31 Jan 2021 10:26AM  |  Read


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  • 18Lenticular Printing - Follow up

    Iíve been trying a few images of my own and another one of Johnís, which I think works really well with this treatment. Iím sorry this has to come under the í18í category. I can always post a redacted version if there is interest. John had also bee...1

    31 Jan 2021 9:06AM  |  Read


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  • Both Sides at Once Macro - an afterthought!

    Ok, so you have to try and combine techniques and ideas. This is the Wappie given the lenticular treatment (scroll down the blogs to see). The straight on view is in the centre with views from the left and right, photographed and then made into this...0


    22 Jan 2021 9:01AM  |  Read


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  • Both Sides at Once Macro - Part 2

    The diagram below shows the configuration I used: The top half of the set up is a conventional macro configuration, using a normal copy stand. I am using an EOS R and a Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens. The lower part, which provides the image of th...0


    21 Jan 2021 9:36AM  |  Read


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  • Both Sides at Once Macro

    I've posted a couple of pictures in the past showing both sides of a creature/ subject at the same time. I probably didn't explain it too well at the time, so I'm following it up with a bit of a blog post to explain how I did this and to encourage o...0


    20 Jan 2021 5:05PM  |  Read


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  • Pin Hole Imager Part 3

    Thanks to everyone who dropped by to look at part 2 of this blog. Today Iíll describe the construction and results from my final model, which did meet my resolution target. Unless anyone knows otherwise, I think this might just about be the highest r...0


    18 Jan 2021 9:06AM  |  Read


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  • Pin Hole Imager Project Part 2

    Quite a few views on part 1, so here is part 2. Thanks for taking the time to look at this - I hope you found it interesting. At least it will have confirmed that there are crazier people about than you! Please leave any comments you might have. Mes...0


    17 Jan 2021 2:01PM  |  Read


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  • Pin Hole Imaging Project

    There is quite a bit of 'fringe' enthusiasm for pin hole cameras on the web. Probably quite a few of us made these as either a science project at school or as an introduction to photography. When assessing the noise and sensitivity of my EOSR sensor,...0


    16 Jan 2021 9:23AM  |  Read


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  • Lenticular Printing 3 - End to End

    Lenticular Printing 3 - The Whole Process Here Iíll go through the whole process with illustrations for a lenticular print. This is just the way I did this - Iím sure there are plenty of options and improvements! Before I get going, Iím not sure if...0


    12 Jan 2021 12:27PM  |  Read


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  • Lenticular Printing Part 2

    Printing, Folding and Mounting Yesterday I talked about preparing a lenticular image on Photoshop. I pasted a test image, of squashes in various states of decay, where the second image was an inverted (negative) of the original, with the aim of prod...0


    10 Jan 2021 9:22AM  |  Read


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  • Lenticular Printing

    My first blog post here! Actually, first blog ever. I'll try and keep it short - just message me if you want more detail or have questions. John Duder posted a triptych of a lenticular print I made from one of his images; when I saw the original ima...0


    9 Jan 2021 11:33AM  |  Read


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