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Welcome and thank you for looking. A
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  • Posted on Leedslass1's profile

    Eclectic and very appealing portfolio. A
    • 2 Jul 2016 11:35AM
  • Posted on Alison_S's profile

    A very good eclectic portfolio. Good compositions, good colour and interesting subject material. I enjoyed looking through this portfolio very much.Well done. A
    • 4 Jun 2016 8:49AM
  • Posted on Holmewood's profile

    Fine images captured here. A
    • 3 Jun 2016 8:28AM
  • Posted on HarrietH's profile

    An interesting, eclectic portfolio with some very lovely images. A
    • 18 Mar 2016 6:43AM
  • Posted on MunroWalker's profile

    Eclectic and excellent pf!
    • 31 Jan 2016 7:11AM
  • Posted on snapshot_2013's profile

    Interesting and eclectic pf with some vert fine photography. A
    • 31 Jan 2016 7:00AM
  • Posted on ade123's profile

    Excellent portfolio. A
    • 18 Dec 2015 5:29PM
  • Posted on Mike_Young's profile

    A first class pf Mike. A
    • 28 Feb 2015 10:08AM
  • Posted on Mrserenesunrise's profile

    Good portfolio. Well done. A
    • 15 Apr 2014 6:57AM
  • Posted on Diggeo's profile

    Imaginative and evocative portfolio. A
    • 14 Feb 2014 8:48AM
  • Posted on johnke's profile

    Interesting and varied images - excellent. A
    • 2 Mar 2013 1:28PM
  • Posted on MalcolmM's profile

    Your portfolio shows a sensitive eye and excellent photographic technique. An eclectic and interesting collection. A
    • 2 Mar 2013 1:22PM
  • Posted on mashwood10's profile

    An excellent flower portfolio and other interesting work too. A
    • 21 Apr 2012 6:28AM
  • Posted on Cor's profile

    So glad to have you back - your work has lost none of it's impact. A
    • 11 Mar 2012 9:30AM
  • Posted on Jasper87's profile

    I have had a chance to return and look at your portfolio. You have some very fine images - well done. A
    • 26 Sep 2011 4:22PM
  • Posted on dormay's profile

    Excellent pf! A
    • 21 Sep 2011 1:31PM
  • Posted on marktc's profile

    Great pf. Keep searching. A
    • 18 Sep 2011 6:03AM
  • Posted on tommyld's profile

    First class pf Tom. A
    • 29 Jul 2011 2:22PM
  • Posted on CaroleS's profile

    Some fine shots in your pf. A
    • 26 Jun 2011 8:33AM
  • Posted on Ade_Osman's profile

    Outstanding pf Ade - well done. A fine achievement. A
    • 25 Jun 2011 3:05PM
  • Posted on JN_CHATELAIN_PHOTOGRAPHY's profile

    Your portfolio is exceptional, Jean- Noel. An incredible variety of reportage and documentary footage taken with consummate photographic skill. A
    • 6 Mar 2011 1:52PM
  • Posted on JanieB43's profile

    You have some really lovely shots on your portfolio Jane, although I find several of them a little dark on my screen. I tend to take landscapes about 2/3 of a stop underexposed in order to get the depth of color but I adjust shadows, contrast and brightness in post processing. I have really enjoyed looking at your work. A
    • 30 Dec 2010 7:22AM
  • Posted on zanzibarwinds's profile

    A fine pf of outstanding macro work. Iyt would be interesting to have camera and lens details. Super stuff and well done. A
    • 19 Dec 2010 8:31AM
  • Posted on edrhodes's profile

    An excellent portfolio. A
    • 16 Dec 2010 7:40PM
  • Posted on FeatherFriend's profile

    Fabulous PF. Disciplined and excellent work. A
    • 13 Dec 2010 3:36PM
  • Posted on Stace's profile

    A PF to be proud of. Excellent. A
    • 1 Dec 2010 2:09PM
  • Posted on Paree's profile

    I have just taken a little time to look through your gallery. I am alternately amazed and delighted. Your work is creative and sensitive and always thought provoking. Mostly it is pleasing , occasionally startling and sometimes a little sad. Your are gifted - well done. Thank you for the privilege of allowing me the pleasure of this little journey through your images. A
    • 17 Aug 2010 5:51PM
  • Posted on Moj_o's profile

    A lot of very fine shots in your showcase and gallery. A
    • 10 Aug 2010 5:30PM
  • Posted on JN_CHATELAIN_PHOTOGRAPHY's profile

    Fine pf and I have enjoyed the albums too. A
    • 2 Aug 2010 11:25PM
  • Posted on FeatherFriend's profile

    An excellent portfolio - a real pleasure to look. A
    • 17 Jul 2010 8:42AM

Limited to latest 30 results.