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A quick view of accystan's recent activity.

  • Bell Rope

    Good shot. I like the angle you've chosen to shoot from - it's different and it works well. I'm not sure the rope deserves a mention because it doesn't jump out at you (certainly not in the thumbnail) or even contribute much to the picture. Notwithstanding, you've handled the difficult lighting situation well. Would look good in b & w.


    Dave D
    • 1 Dec 2009 12:59AM
  • advice

    Fascinating! I'm thinking that, since the branches on which you focussed were 20 ft. (just guessing) above your head, and the mushroom was 20 inches (more guessing) away you would need a focal length/f stop combination which would give you that depth of field.


    Dave D
    • 9 Nov 2009 7:31PM
  • Another walk in the Woods

    Good piccy. I particularly like the way you've stood back in the darker part of the path to take the pic; it provides a frame and the path leads nicely into the brighter area - the eye is drawn there. It comes across on my screen as having too much magenta also - an easy fix.

    I've tried a mod. These pics always remind me of Robert Frost's poem, 'Whose woods these are I think I know....."


    Dave D
    • 6 Nov 2009 10:00PM
  • Briggate

    Good composition, very powerful with the back-lighing - particularly the b&w.

    Interesting technique and settings. I've used the same technique with my Nikon. With the larger battery pack attached there's an additional shutter release which is located at the 'bottom' of the camera and I just support the camera with my hand and press the shutter. I typically use 'program' mode, auto-focus and a focal length of 35mm. I find about 1 in 10 is a 'goody'. I'll try your settings.

    Well done,

    Dave D
    • 3 Nov 2009 11:58PM
  • beech shoot

    Version 1 is a good high energy shot and the sloping horizon helps to amplify the action and sense of movement.

    Well done.

    Dave D
    • 17 Oct 2009 1:17AM
  • Morning Mists

    I just want to be the first person to use the word 'stunning', because that's what the picture is. Well done.

    Despite the title, for me, the f/g and the b/g are most impressive. Good use of the 10-20.

    Dave D
    • 8 Sep 2009 5:37AM
  • Painting The Sky

    What a stunning shot! I can't count the number of times I've driven by this 'boring' old windmill..... but never saw this! Both excellent shots. Very powerful.

    I seem to recall a place called, 'Your Father's Moustache' somewhere near here....?

    Well done,

    Dave D
    • 6 Sep 2009 5:37AM
  • Just wanted to say I really enjoyed looking over your pics from the States - particularly the NYC pics; lots of deja vu there for me. Also found your comments very pertinent. Frequently, that's what I thought when I stood there (e.g. the number of flags you see.).

    Very good portfolio

    Dave D
    • Posted on dudler's profile
    • 26 Oct 2008 5:49PM
  • Excellent portfolio... some of the best flower and macro pics I've seen on here.

    Dave D
  • Very good portfolio. The thing that comes across is that all your models are well posed and interestingly placed in the frame.

    Dave D
    • Posted on jimPat's profile
    • 21 May 2008 4:49PM
  • Good porfolio Ian. I really enjoyed your unique views of Blackpool (it has, and continues to have, a special place in the hearts of most Lancanstrians) and Saltburn. Like previous I'm surprised that you've had so few votes.


    Dave D
  • I spent some time looking through your portfolio the other day and found it very thought provoking and captivating. Sometimes even arresting. I also read through your 'about' statement.... Thinking about your choice of subject matter it struck me that, in general, human beings fascinate us more than other subjects. If you upload a landscape it has to be stunning to grab one's attention whereas a portrait, especially the sort you specialise in, always makes one curious. Your ability to capture your subjects' moods or situation, or predicament, or circumstances is amazing. A very touching portfolio; one of the most rewarding to browse through.


    Dave D
    • Posted on imagio's profile
    • 17 Aug 2007 1:19AM
  • Peter:

    You have one of the most stunning portfolios on eP. You've put your Sigma 10 - 20 to very, very good use. I have to confess that I'm a sucker for a good landscape (and seascape) and so many of yours are of the highest quality. I'm amazed that some of them have had so few 'clicks'. That's the nature of an on-line site I guess.


    Dave D