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Commercial Photographer from Leeds my business is www.mcfade.co.uk

I also run workshops in the UK and Austria, showing you how to shoot with flash, HDR and create landscapes in the Dales/Lakes. Really good fun, no route-marches, just amazing locations and models to work with and patient tuition and demonstrations in plain english

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A quick view of ade_mcfade's recent activity.

  • Chris at Janet's Foss

    Thank you for all your kind comments and to the team for the editors choice
    • 4 Apr 2021 1:32PM
  • Twisted Fire Starter

    I didn't get too many shots - I just set up the lights and tested, then the students got the trigger Sad
    • 4 Nov 2019 9:50AM
  • Scalebar Force

    Thanks, everyone - I've shot this dizens of times but the light on this day was possblly the best I've seen - just the right amount popping through the leaves
    • 24 Sep 2019 5:09PM
  • Dettifoss

    Thanks eveyone - this is one hell of a waterfall in northern Iceland, you should go see if if you get chance. We were on the east side, you can get right up to the edge - the other side has a bigger view of the waterfall, but all the spray goes up there and you can't get close at all
    • 19 Sep 2019 8:27PM
  • A Bit Of Rough

    3 lights on it by the way

    orange on the background to warm and brighten the scene

    CTB behind them to the right

    normal flash near the camera

    all with 80cm softboxes on
    • 27 May 2019 6:04PM
  • Abi in the woods

    She was struggling to go on point with the soft woodland floor!
    • 19 Apr 2019 5:06PM
  • Swaledale

    Thanks everyone - was a special day for "good light" - then it started raining torrentially about 2 hours later, so hit the pub

    Definitely the best bit of the dales!
    • 10 Mar 2019 11:40AM
  • Great to have you on board Karl, some inspirational work here

    I've photographed many pints in my time, but never managed to shoot a full one.... somehow they seem to, well, get consumed.... by me Wink
  • 1. What do you like of their PF (if you do)?

    This shot just stands out to me - lovely processing, quirky angle, makes you smile instantly. Sadly overlooked cause it's mono I fear.

    Not really seen this portfolio before, and from the thumbs you initially think "another colourful sunset tog - yawn".

    But on closer inspection you start to find clever foregrounds that have more than many of the genre - things like this old farm impliment make me look twice, it's far more interesting than the usual rocky outcrop foreground we're so used to.

    The use of the little fault line in this rock is pretty impressive

    There's still life in there, very nicely done and a genre that I certainly struggle with.

    Finally, I was impressed with this little series on some old derelict looking houses - - brave to put post shots of such a challenging subject (for EPZ).

    Another thing that stands out is that the shots look "real", not fallen foul of the Saturation slider in Capture one! Also, the white balance looks like a real scene, not artificially warmed for effect.

    2. What do you think is lacking in their PF?

    it's not missing a great deal - I don't think we should all be covering every genre of photography by default after all. the landscapes are fairly uniform, formulaic maybe. Lately they seem to concentrate on the colour of the sky reflected in water (which is a really nice thing to capture of course, I do it) which deprives us of the clever foregrounds that I pointed out in section 1.

    3. How do you think they can improve their PF?

    One thing with the watery reflections is that the foregrounds can look really dark relative to the sky, so maybe you're not getting the most from the genre. I know it's a cliche, but maybe some more grad would even up the scene a bit so your water and sky are about the same brightness/colourfulness.

    there's a clear improvement in the portfolio - stands out a mile when you go back 4 or 5 pages to the page with loads of boat shots on.

    The bleached wood shots are great, the mono brings out the textures really nicely, so I'd think there's a flare for seeing detail that's maybe not so obvious - so more of that may be a route to think of.

    Finally - the landscapes are obviously the main feature, I'd suggest just keep trying to make them that bit different than the crowd - not sure how you'd do it, but just keep thinking "have I seen this before" when looking through the view finder. If you have, then you're not being individual and following.

    4. What do you like to see in their PF?

    Natural mono abstract and detail shots (see bleached wood shots)

    5. Whose work would you recommend them to have a look at (if you know any)?

    I'm really bad at this question... I never really look at other people's stuff! Terrible I know, but honest!
    • Posted on Paintman's profile
    • 20 Jun 2009 12:56PM
  • Good to see a creative portfolio that's made up of everyday objects most people would just walk by without noticing.

    Shows a keen eye and creative imagination
    • Posted on mikbee's profile
    • 2 Jan 2009 2:00PM

  • Quote:Portraits are something I really struggle with (as my pf shows).

    you've not got any! Smile

    some nice work with waterfalls - post your portraits though, often best to post things you want to improve upon rather than playing it safe.
    • Posted on Term's profile
    • 3 Jul 2008 11:32AM
  • So good to see a portfolio of such high quality that covers such a wide spectrum of subjects.

    A great reference point us all.

    Keep the good work up!