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Been taking photos since 06/04/18!
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  • Self portrait

    Quote:This is a VERY strong photo, which must have been very hard to put into the public 'arena'. I am very impressed and you should be very proud of the end result.

    Just a few queries (me being curious and nosy! Wink), is it a self portrait? did you use a remote or was the camera on a timer? and, did you do the post processing?

    Well done Adrian! Grin

    Hi i used a remote and thank you for all the support
    • 18 Oct 2018 7:22PM
  • Separated

    I'm in love with this photograph
    • 12 Oct 2018 1:44PM
  • Earth spore

    Quote:Lovely, dark and moody...........still not sure about having a big frame though, the image could be a lot bigger without it! Smile
    yes I agree but my step dad Steve (Bigheart) on ephotozine helps me edit my photographs so he added the border he also took some fungi photos they are worth having a look at
    • 7 Oct 2018 6:54PM
  • Boat at sunrise

    Quote:What a gorgeous tranquil scene! I love the fact you've caught the small boat just coming into shore and the huge ship out on the horizon!
    thank you so much it means a lot 😁
    • 15 Sep 2018 7:47PM