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  • Drying Fish by AdventureDriver

    Quote:Quite a striking image I think…particularly when you think we all want a warm house, food on the table, clean drinking water on tap, several cars, laptops, smartphones, tablets, TVs etc etc etc…how can our planet sustain all this??

    Stop worrying, be happy, enjoy life.
    • 23 Sep 2022 8:19PM
  • The Crow by AdventureDriver

    Thanks, I was lucky with the four crows.
    • 27 Aug 2022 11:23PM
  • After the Fire by AdventureDriver

    Thanks for all the kind words and support.
    • 27 Aug 2022 6:38PM
  • Table Mountain by AdventureDriver

    Quote:Great landscape mono! Stark contrasts, contrasty sky (NIR-filter?) and grazing light - perfect!
    Like the dark areas with subtle details... footsteps of Ansel Adams.
    My congratulations and greetings!

    no filters on camera, 75% crop, 30 to 40 Lightroom steps.
    • 23 Jul 2022 9:43PM
  • Perspective by AdventureDriver

    Quote:Not much left for an AdventureDriver here, well seen and thanks for posting.

    Tell you what, that wreck was on private land, up a mountain, behind some bushes and in a terrible state, and somebody stole the wreck about a year ago. So somebody is having an adventure.
    Note: I met the farmer lately and asked him if I could buy the wreck but he said that it was already gone.
    • 11 Apr 2022 9:55AM
  • More is Better by AdventureDriver

    Quote:What an extraordinary image. I find it amazing that all that light and I can still see the stars.

    I used a Canon 430ex flash in manual mode at 1/32 or 1/64th of the max power output and flashed the structure three or four times from various angles.
    It was on a farm far away of major light "pollution" and it is pitch dark without moon or artificial light.
    • 9 Mar 2022 6:46PM
  • Sandbath by AdventureDriver

    Thanks all for the support.
    I'll give some more information.
    Kolmanskop is the reason I ended up in Southern Africa (I'm Dutch), I saw a travel show featuring Kolmanskop and decided I wanna go there, so I build a camper truck and drove there and afterwards got stuck in South Africa.

    Kolmanskop was so rich (diamonds), for a short time, that they supposedly where bathing in milk and champagne, so maybe in this this bath, too.
    At its heydays, a hundred years ago, everything, including fresh water, had to come from Cape Town, 1500km rough ocean away. And then from Luderitz by ox wagon 20km through a brutal unforgiving desert to Kolmanskop.
    • 1 Mar 2022 7:09PM
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