Playing The Long Game: Outdoor Photography With Telezooms

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  • Tiny People, Massive Landcsape by AEA

    Thank you! That's what I was trying to capture. That place is stunning
    • 5 Jan 2016 8:27PM
  • New Year's Snow by AEA

    Quote:Very nicely composed. I can almost feel the cold.
    Thank you! And yes, it was about minus 10 degrees C Smile
    • 5 Jan 2016 5:47PM
  • My Late Autumn by AEA

    thank you all so much for your comments. you've been very helpful. @TanyaH the speed was not low enough because I didn't have a tripod and I used the concrete block on the right to place the camera, and that also affected my angle. I like your edit and I will try to re-edit the photo taking your advice into account
    • 9 Dec 2014 2:23PM
  • Serene by AEA

    thank you so much, Dave! Smile
    • 8 Mar 2014 4:35PM
  • Ethereal by AEA

    thank you Saeid
    • 31 Oct 2013 4:26PM
  • Sunny Misty Shadows by AEA

    Thank you Paul. that is very helpful
    • 28 Sep 2013 3:26PM
  • Shop Window Frame by AEA

    thank you
    • 12 Sep 2013 9:54AM
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