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A quick view of Aenima's recent activity.

  • JUPITER with great red spot 17th 01 2015

    thank you for the kind comments,

    my ASI120MC camera has a spot of dust on it at the bottom you can see the result after stacking, next version i uploaded has the dust spots photoshop'd out Tongue
    • 22 Jan 2015 3:15AM
  • Pnigerophobia

    magical image, i like it a lot
    • 12 Jun 2014 8:39PM
  • Comet ISON

    As of this morning, fri.. 29th , it is looking bleak for ISON - it appears to have not survived the trip round the sun intact, if at all. Still the occasional rumor and many stargazers in a state of denial, but i'm not holding out too much for the naked eye spectacle we were all hoping for.

    • 29 Nov 2013 1:45PM
  • The Needle galaxy

    • 23 Oct 2013 4:21AM
  • Lunar mosaic. Apennines - mountain range on the moon

    Thanks guys, very kind comments. Smile

    Those philips webcams do pretty well as an astro-cam don't they?

    • 23 Sep 2013 6:12PM
  • Jupiter

    Yes, thats a moon to the left - they turn up in a lot of Jupiter pics, sometimes it's difficult to get them to show without overexposing the planet but every now and then they seem to survive the stacking process with no extra editing needed.

    Thank you for the nice comments Smile
    • 19 Sep 2013 1:06AM
  • Get Your Leg Over!

    That is so cute!
    look at the little legs! Grin
    • 18 Sep 2013 7:02PM

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