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  • Sentinel by aeras

    Quote:Brilliantly caught - they move so fast, yet you've even managed to capture the hairs on its body beautifully sharp!

    Thank you so much , It is difficult to capture but a joy when you succeed Smile
    • 12 Feb 2019 8:46PM
  • May Santa present you all by pablophotographer

    Happy new year and , most off all , wishes for good health to you and all your loved ones !

    • 14 Dec 2018 4:45PM
  • Red Hibiscus by pamelajean

    Beautiful reds and setup ! Not sure about the highlighted reflections though , especially on the upper center.


    • 25 Jan 2018 5:21AM
  • Chasing the light by aeras

    Quote:Lovely image, did you use a polariser
    Thank you David ! No , just the 10 stop and the 3 stop nod grad
    • 3 Feb 2017 4:33AM
  • Memories by aeras

    Quote:I like the effect the long expose gives, but would this image be any the less without it?
    The "strong" point of the image here is the sky and the rock that is balancing the composition on the left. Without the long exposure and cloud movement the visual impact would be substantially less ...but .. again I would not post it if the sky was not there .
    • 30 May 2016 9:05PM
  • Remains by aeras

    Quote:Great capture! Is that a house I see?
    Thank you Lynn ! No it is the remainings of a shipwreck.
    • 10 May 2016 6:26PM
  • Patience by SWMahy

    Beautiful work !!
    • 8 May 2016 12:13PM
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  • Posted on cattyal's profile

    Your imagination and the way you implement it leaves me speechlessness !!!
    Almost every single image you create is a work of art on its own. It is very obvious that you have full control of the light , and that makes every picture look the way you saw it in your mind.

    Amazing work , that must be published .

    Bravo !!

    • 3 Jun 2012 6:43PM
  • Posted on nat1153's profile

    Natasha , IMHO you have a "photographic eye" you see things differently , and you have some interesting ideas here.
    Take more photos
    Take care
    • 17 Apr 2012 2:29PM

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