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  • Sentinel by aeras

    Quote:Brilliantly caught - they move so fast, yet you've even managed to capture the hairs on its body beautifully sharp!

    Thank you so much , It is difficult to capture but a joy when you succeed Smile
    • 12 Feb 2019 8:46PM
  • May Santa present you all by pablophotographer

    Happy new year and , most off all , wishes for good health to you and all your loved ones !

    • 14 Dec 2018 4:45PM
  • Red Hibiscus by pamelajean

    Beautiful reds and setup ! Not sure about the highlighted reflections though , especially on the upper center.


    • 25 Jan 2018 5:21AM
  • Chasing the light by aeras

    Quote:Lovely image, did you use a polariser
    Thank you David ! No , just the 10 stop and the 3 stop nod grad
    • 3 Feb 2017 4:33AM
  • Memories by aeras

    Quote:I like the effect the long expose gives, but would this image be any the less without it?
    The "strong" point of the image here is the sky and the rock that is balancing the composition on the left. Without the long exposure and cloud movement the visual impact would be substantially less ...but .. again I would not post it if the sky was not there .
    • 30 May 2016 9:05PM
  • Remains by aeras

    Quote:Great capture! Is that a house I see?
    Thank you Lynn ! No it is the remainings of a shipwreck.
    • 10 May 2016 6:26PM
  • Patience by SWMahy

    Beautiful work !!
    • 8 May 2016 12:13PM
  • Sunrise over Southwold pier by ianrobinson

    Beauuuutiful Smile) Top notch light , composition , tonality and mood !!! Congrats !!!!
    • 24 Feb 2016 4:55PM
  • The Sky and the Boulder by nishant101

    We all search for serenity aren't we ?Smile
    Beautiful in every possible way .. a winning frame !!!
    • 14 Feb 2016 5:53AM
  • Dreaming by aeras

    Quote:Another stunning image Charles.
    Last year I was running around with my RB67 on the tripod and over my shoulder when that dropped off and fell in the water.

    Thank you for the award Mike ... Don't tell me you still use that Mamiya RB67 !! you reminded me though to get my ETRs and play with it Smile regards !
    • 16 Jan 2016 5:16PM
  • heat by optik

    Very imaginative with impeccable post processing !!
    • 11 Jan 2016 4:53PM
  • Hope by aeras

    Quote:Fabulous image Charles, I'd love to see a B/W version.

    Thank you for commenting Mike ! , I will try a b&w version although I feel that the picture "works" in color with the " heavy" red lighthouse balancing the "lighter" rest of the frame.
    • 11 Jan 2016 4:50PM
  • Playing with wine :) by aeras

    Quote:Fantastic work - well done

    Thank you for the Award also Jason ... much appreciated !!
    • 31 Oct 2015 11:00PM
  • dream.. by MyOwnWonderland

    A better version (again IMHO) !
    • 31 Oct 2015 8:19PM
  • magic by MyOwnWonderland

    Beautiful model and pose !
    In My Humble Opinion , the image would be much better is the foliage above the horns was not there.
    Fantastic image and mood though !!
    • 31 Oct 2015 8:18PM
  • Aphrodite's rock under the Milky way by aeras

    Many thanks to everyone for voting !
    Thank you also for the Editors choice and POTW award and for Peters Award !
    • 26 Oct 2015 7:19PM
  • Losehill Inversion... by edrhodes

    Beautifully captured and processed!
    • 11 Oct 2015 3:31PM
  • It's still raining!!!!!!! by AH1shot

    Beautiful capture , compo , and movement of the water drops !
    • 6 Sep 2015 8:58PM
  • Adopt this pose by Pete

    Nice catch ... well seen !
    • 6 Sep 2015 12:19PM
  • Nuthatch by tonyng

    Superb in every way !
    • 17 Aug 2015 11:36AM
  • Watching the sky by aeras

    Quote:All your effort was worth it! It's a great shot!

    Personally, I think a shot without the aeroplane light trail would be equally as good, if not better, as it is very bright and dominating, thus drawing the eyes away from the lovely star filled sky! It would be interesting to clone it out and make a comparison!

    I tried that just to see how it would look. I still like the one with the trail. maybe because I was there when it happened I dont know.
    Both are good versions with the one with the cloned out trail more "classic" so to speak Smile
    Thank you for commenting.
    • 13 Aug 2015 6:12PM
  • Misty Meeting by SUE118

    Fantastic mood and capture !!
    • 13 Nov 2014 7:22PM
  • Stepping Stones by Jimmy29

    Beautiful foreground in this fine LE !
    • 22 Apr 2014 8:14PM
  • Full moon by chr1sm45on

    Very nice idea and presentation !
    • 22 Apr 2014 8:12PM
  • The Kiss! by JohnoP

    Truly amazing capture and impeccable technique !!
    • 21 Apr 2014 6:53PM
  • Male Orange Tip by ali63

    A beauty !!
    • 21 Apr 2014 6:52PM
  • Crystal Castle by almiles

    Great detail all over the frame , fantastic foreground that balances effectively the background !
    Beautiful exposure and composition that make a fine landscape !!
    Very well done !!
    • 21 Apr 2014 6:51PM
  • in solitary silence by atenytom

    Love the leading path and vignette !
    • 21 Apr 2014 6:43PM
  • Hanging beauty by ColleenA

    Beautiful background and selective focus !
    • 21 Apr 2014 6:42PM
  • Psaltos seascape by GeorgePlatis

    Great colors and composition !!
    • 21 Apr 2014 3:47PM