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Addicted. I didn't know it then but when I first saw that first black and white print bloom in the developing tray, I was already hooked. I've been messing about with images for a while now; still haven't figured out much.
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  • Bobbi by BarrieSpence

    Some off the cuff commentary - as far as Bobbi's pose is concerned, it certainly goes into the "if you can bend it, bend it" category. The soft angularity accentuates "feminine" lines. Bobbi's hair, the tendrilled mass of it, plays in contrast to those lines. I also think her jeans are an unique addition to the image. Peter Coulson could not do better.
    • 12 Sep 2021 2:38PM
  • Further through the wood by whatriveristhis

    This has the feel, to me, of W. Eugene Smith's, "The Walk To Paradise Garden." The dodging and burning of the image is what makes it.
    • 4 Sep 2021 12:05PM
  • Store front by Ahem

    I remember the exposure times seemed awfully long. Tom said the ISO was around 2. The exposure also had to be made within 15 minutes of creating the wet plate. If someone ran over that time, the emulsion could dry and it wouldn't work.
    • 20 Jul 2021 7:14PM
  • Nicole portrait by Ahem

    This community is something else. You've (collectively) offered a whole bunch to chew on and ruminate about...I'll take my time doing so. The age old adage remains, "beauty/truth is in the eyes of the beholder." Thank you very much for sharing your time, attention, experience, and expertise.
    • 10 Jul 2021 2:32PM
  • Nicole portrait by Ahem

    Thanks, as always, John, for looking at this and so many other images far and wide. I agree with you about the Barbie's just too much for me.
    It leads me to wonder about beauty standards and the unrelenting drive to feed that fantasy.
    • 9 Jul 2021 4:09PM
  • Nala monotone by Ahem

    Wow, a comparison to Weston! I never would have imagined. Well, honestly, in my head I did but I never thought anyone else would make that leap. John, you've made my day, my week!
    By the way, I recommend reviewing the film, The Eloquent Nude, narrated partly by Charis Wilson. Here's a snippet:
    • 8 Jul 2021 6:51PM
  • Abstract landscape by Ahem

    Thanks for the vote and award, John! Unshouty is the word for the day.
    • 6 Jul 2021 8:34PM
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