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A quick view of aitchbrown's recent activity.

  • Mock Turtle

    Thanks for your user award Moira; and for the precise quote from the almost exact moment of the click of the shutter. Not so easy to take pics of moving targets with little light. I could do with a tortoise to teach me to take better pics... thanks again xx
    • 31 Jul 2019 5:17PM
  • Otis

    Thanks for the user award David Ryder - unexpected, so much more appreciated. xx
    • 29 Jul 2019 4:13PM
  • Portal to another world

    I like the fact that you can't really tell whether he's coming or going - just for clarity, he's going !! xx
    • 27 Jul 2019 3:07PM
  • luxury loo

    Quote:The toilet roll holder seems a little high? 😁😁😁

    I think I might know why. My granddad had a theory that if he put the toilet paper up high, you'd have to get it before you sat down - you would then only get the three sheets he insisted were necessary. This was from an era, of course, when toilet paper came in boxes and was similar in texture to sheets of greaseproof or parchment paper.
    • 14 May 2019 10:22PM
  • Clown to the left - Jokers to the right

    Sorry Moira, it's 'stuck in the middle' of my brain too. Thanks so much for your user award, much appreciations....xx

    Quote:Wonderful. Even if I shall have that wretched tune on the brain all day...
    • 13 May 2019 1:24PM
  • circles and rust

    Thank you for your user award Moira - so much for 'no prizes' !! I didn't think anyone would notice how hard I worked at the composition. It is, as you so observantly say: 'a composition out of next to nothing' .... thank you xx
    • 2 Jan 2019 6:17PM
  • man with flies

    Thank you Moira for your award and kind words. xxx
    • 8 Dec 2018 11:27PM
  • Great PF Andy, nice to see you doing different stuff, you certainly have a good eye for a good composition. Keep up the good work. helen
  • Great article Ty, I remember this so well and followed your progress, it was better than Sky News..... lol. Well done on the article. Very well written too.

    helen x
    • Posted on TyChee's profile
    • 3 Dec 2009 5:36PM
  • Great portfolio Alf; your close-up work is fabulous and deserves much more attention. Keep posting !! helen
  • Thanks for the mod on the wall Ann; it certainly is a curiosity wall; perhaps I should have described it as a rock face, 'cos that's what it is. Take care and thanks for your time and your comments. helen
    • Posted on thorn's profile
    • 23 Jan 2006 9:48PM
  • Hi Mike, You really do have a stunning portfolio. Your attention to detail and eye for a good photograph and the skill to put it all together is amazing. You really are an inspiration. Oh, and I love your titles, there's always some humour lurking in your words and I like that.... helen
  • excellent stuff... landscape:sorted.... think you have good eyes, good skills and a sense of humour. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Colin... have a good one and hope all the pressies are appreciated.

    merry dodah

    helen x
    • Posted on colin's profile
    • 24 Dec 2005 6:03PM
  • Have just been through your pf and well, I'm so impressed with the quality and creativity.... wonderful stuff.. I've clicked and commented on a few (time is prevailing) but would really like a button on here to click on everything. Your work is stunning Samnatha and an inspiration to me and probably many others... helen xx
  • Your portfolio is just full of beautiful observation and a skill that we can all learn from.... Just perfect.... helen