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Hello everyone,
I am pleased to be able to join you,I
have only took up photography in the
last two years,so have lots to learn, I like going for walks with my wife around all the local nature reserves,and I like to snap anything that I find will pose for me.
Any help,comments on my pictures much appreciated.
June 9th 2006
Unfortunately my canon S2 IS is away for some minor repair work at the moment so I have got to put up with a Canon 350 D which has been kindly lent to me,which is unfortunate as I have started to fall in love with it,so much so that I am seriously considering
buying one,Life is so hard.
July 9th 2006.
Just to keep up to date,I got my canon S2 back from canons repair dept;but unfortunately I had become addicted to the Canon 350 which I had borrowed I
was so impressed with the performance
I just had to have one,So I am now a
proud but skint owner of one, All I
have to do now is to save up for some
of my own lenses because at the moment I am sharing these with Pauline,
which isn't really a hardship but can
be a inconvenience at times,
Many thanks to everybody for all the
support they have given me in the past,


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