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Activity : Photo Comments


I don't specialise in any particular branch of photography and just take what I like. If you also enjoy looking at my work, that's a bonus. If a judge also likes it, thats a miracle! Wink
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  • Arctic Tern by froggy

    A terrific shot of a difficult subject.
    • 5 Aug 2007 4:59PM
  • Into the Sun by ajhollingbery

    Thanks for commenting on my work. It is by listening to others views that my own creativity is inspired.
    I left the strip of land in so that there was a base to the picture and also to tell the story that the microlite had just taken off.
    As to the flare, again this was left in on purpose to tell the story of flying into the sun. When printed, the flare is more dominant and the colours more obvious.
    • 29 Jul 2007 10:44PM
  • YESTERDAY´s JETTY... by Jouİo

    I like the dramatic presentation of this dramatic scene.
    • 29 Jul 2007 5:27PM
  • harvest by epoxy

    Good dramatic lighting
    • 29 Jul 2007 5:18PM
  • Violet Stars by ajhollingbery

    Thank for looking at my work and for the compliments.
    • 25 Jul 2007 3:29PM
  • Balcony by ajhollingbery

    Thank you for your comments guys and gals.
    • 25 Jul 2007 3:28PM
  • ORANGE by stevebidmead

    Judges always demand prints that leap out of the frame. This one certainly does. Smile A beautiful image.
    • 25 Jul 2007 3:15PM
  • ready ... by ESP

    A very interesting treatment - it works well.
    • 25 Jul 2007 3:08PM

    Beautiful. I love the way the light has caught the rocks in the fg.
    • 25 Jul 2007 3:05PM
  • Abandoned by digicammad

    This didn't look too impressive from the thumbnail but was well worth opening and viewing the large version. Superb use of monochrome. I love the detail in the roof beams but find the light doorway a bit distracting.
    • 25 Jul 2007 3:02PM
  • form by oneeyeshut

    Nice simple composition. I agree that the blotches on the top edge need to be cropped.
    • 25 Jul 2007 2:58PM
  • Unsure by crimp

    Hi Kelly. You may have only been taking photographs for a few months but you are producing some really good work. Obviously developing a passion for the hobby Wink Well done.
    • 25 Jul 2007 2:40PM
  • Single Pink Rose by DarrenSmithPhotography

    An usual, but very effective, way to present a rose. Well done.
    • 25 Jul 2007 2:34PM
  • Summer's Day by JudeC

    Beautiful. This picture has the look of an old master.
    • 25 Jul 2007 2:32PM
  • chakka fishing by oneeyeshut

    Lovely shot. I love the colours and the swirling shape of the net.
    • 23 Jul 2007 3:14PM
  • Little Red Riding Hood by Alyssia

    Beatifully photographed and presented. It illustrates the story to perfection.
    Well done.
    • 23 Jul 2007 3:13PM
  • Vatersay Bay by philonline

    Superb! I thought this was a Caribbean beach until I read the title.
    • 23 Jul 2007 3:09PM
  • Spanish Windows by ESP

    Great contact sheet Smile Each one of the windows would make a beautiful picture in its own right.
    • 23 Jul 2007 3:07PM
  • hanger one by paulstefan

    Just proves that less is more. This simple composition is trully captivating. Being picky, a bloke in orange overalls would have been more appropriate than the little girl. But that's life, you can never find a bloke in orange overalls when you need one! Smile
    • 16 Jul 2007 1:22PM
  • Colours of The Lizard by keithh

    Ditto all the above.
    • 16 Jul 2007 1:19PM
  • St Mikes by mattw

    Beautiful interpretation of this much photographed view.
    • 16 Jul 2007 1:17PM
  • Rainbow by Joline

    Love it! Very brave framing but it works very well. Just goes to show that fortune favours the brave.
    • 16 Jul 2007 1:11PM
  • Supreme by Eruraina

    Lovely shot. Those eyes are hynotising!
    • 16 Jul 2007 1:06PM
  • IR Bridge by cattyal

    Good strong graphic image.
    • 16 Dec 2006 5:27PM
  • Llanbedrog by ajhollingbery

    Thanks for missing me Lydia! I've been very involved in my 2 photographic societies, rebuilding my website which is ongoing, caravanning, etc., etc. Being retired I never have time to do everything I want to!!

    • 13 Sep 2006 12:03PM
  • Sunlit Wood by piccy

    Well seen! I love the mood created by the brave use of high contrast.
    • 12 Sep 2006 10:06AM
  • Local park at dawn by kainej

    The composition of this shot is pleasing and I like the warm colours of the sun beams. The shot is spoilt by the burned out grass in the fg and the lack of a deep black in the shadows. In other words I think that you need to take a look at the "levels" in whatever software program you use. The levels graph should reach each edge but not crowd into it.
    • 12 Sep 2006 10:13AM
  • Low Bridge by ajhollingbery

    Thank you for your comments and viewing my work.

    • 13 Sep 2006 11:56AM
  • Sunday Afternoon by KathyW

    A nicely seen shot.

    • 31 May 2005 4:40AM
  • Blaconies by ajhollingbery

    Thank for your comments Trevor. The "lean" is caused by pointing the camera sharply upwards. I have done a little perspective correction in PS but probably to quite enough.

    Thank you Desh and Ella.

    • 31 May 2005 4:18AM