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A quick view of akhtarkhan's recent activity.

  • Flamingo coming to rest

    Thank you all for your nice comments and votes, appreciated.
    • 21 Feb 2016 3:01PM
  • Lucky Me

    Nice composition, nice lighting great capture. V1 is my choice definitelySmile.
    • 25 Nov 2015 1:36PM
  • Alwaha beach front- Oman

    Thank you Rookery for your nice comment.Smile
    • 24 Nov 2015 3:07PM
  • failsafe skipper!

    Amazing macro detail, vibrant colour and back lighting. Wonderful capture.Smile
    • 24 Nov 2015 3:05PM
  • Mushrooms

    Autumn colours so beautiful, great capture.
    • 24 Nov 2015 3:02PM
  • Love Is In The Air..........

    Awesome!! Very nice detail capture.Smile
    • 5 Aug 2015 12:16PM
  • perfecting the dance moves

    Wow!!! Wonderful work, beautiful body & shape. Cool reflection and terrific composition. Magnificent capture.Wink
    • 5 Aug 2015 12:13PM
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  • No topics found.
  • Thank you very much for your nice comment.
    • Posted on A Booth's profile
    • 13 May 2014 10:03PM
  • Thank you Carol for your nice comment on my Pink Tulips imageSmile
    • Posted on CarolG's profile
    • 27 Apr 2014 1:23AM
  • Thank you carol for your nice comment.Wink
    • Posted on CarolG's profile
    • 19 Apr 2014 6:23AM
  • Thank you Carol for your nice comment.Smile
    • Posted on CarolG's profile
    • 16 Apr 2014 8:55AM
  • Thank you Sandy for your nice comment, appreciated.
  • Thank you Annette for your wonderful comment on my lemon Emigrant image, appreciated.Smile
  • Thank you very much Nikput for your nice comment on my Red Tulip, appreciated. AkhtarWink
    • Posted on Niknut's profile
    • 11 Apr 2014 6:30PM
  • Thank you Daisymay for your nice comment on my Red tulip, appreciated.
  • Thank you Joline for your nice comment on my Red Tulip photo. Its there to deter those who would copy & print without permission. It will be visible as a reminder as to who the Author is. Anyone interested to buy image without the copyright will have to contact me first. Photographers deliberately include it in the images that are uploaded on public domains for viewing purpose only as its their right!
    • Posted on Joline's profile
    • 11 Apr 2014 6:04PM
  • Thank you Jonop for your nice comment on my Red Tulip photo, appreciated Smile Akhtar
    • Posted on JohnoP's profile
    • 11 Apr 2014 5:54PM