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Alan Christie

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A quick view of Alan Christie's recent activity.

  • Liberty

    I thought it was a sunset at first until I noticed the wee statue. It looks insignificant and certainly does no justice to the subject.
    • 15 Dec 2003 10:17PM
  • Georgeous

    Shame it's not georgeous either. UGLY.

    • 15 Dec 2003 10:07PM
  • Cape Point

    Isn't it a shame for the top duck, the poor thing is going the wrong way!

    Great shot.
    • 7 Dec 2003 7:54PM
  • Aphrodisiac

    I think this is a great shot but is let down, for me, by that large black hairy shadow, lower left.
    I think a severe crop, losing over a third from the left, right up to the strawberry, which looks superb, would give more impact.
    The colour is superb, so fresh and clear. It doesn't look quite "pin" but that's probably due to 500 pixies and it's close enough anyway.
    Try the crop and see what you think.

    Superb, well done.

    • 5 Dec 2003 1:28AM
  • Tree

    Thanks for the comments guys, it's good to think I'm getting it right(sometimes).

    I agree with you, John, with regard to the cropping but I did not want to lose the ripples and reflections in the foreground.
    This was scanned from a 10x8 print and shows much more detail and tonal range than it does here.

    • 5 Dec 2003 2:48AM
  • "Sydney"

    Hi Colin.
    Back for another look.
    The dogs bollocks.
    I thought it had to be a straight shot, it's just got so much atmosphere and feeling in it.
    The way the flame of the bill glows against the vibrancy of that blue!!!

    Hey Ed, your choice. This one surely deserves it.

    A big pat on the back mate, wish I had etc, etc.

    • 5 Dec 2003 1:46AM
  • The Coffee Shop

    Hi Nicola.
    I think I see what you are trying to do here. Many times I have looked at a picturesque pub like this and thought "Why can't it be out in the countryside; trees, fields etc.
    There are too many unsightly elements here; that big slab of suburban wall on the right, the shadow bottom right, and the air conditioner(or whatever) etc at the far left.
    I would have taken a lower position and framed from the lower left chair leg up to the burglar alarm, so making the most of the flower baskets and the door detail. I would have repositioned the lower left flower basket(by hand) so as to get it in frame.

    Try it in PS and see what I mean.
    • 4 Dec 2003 8:04PM

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