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  • Tsunami
  • ...just cleaning up some folders on the pc and came across Echoes by PF, always worth a listen.

  • Quote:I have also used it for wildlife but not dogging

    Thank goodness for that! Although it does beg the question what are you doing with wildlife? Wink

    lol...I'll leaves the doggies to others Wink
  • I have also used it for wildlife but not dogging. I use it mostly for landscapes but as Coleslaw says it just feels right... I have shot on iso 2500 at a low light band shot and was blown away.
  • 20.1s 2 stars?
  • A mixture of blues / soul / rock but nothing in many years of watching live acts has impressed me as much as last Friday night...I saw Vintage Trouble at the Abertillery Blues / Rock Festival. Energy like I have not witnessed in a VERY long time...I felt young again...and was 54 the day after..lol.

    Blues Hand Me Down

    Run Outta You

    ..just a taster but need to be seen live Wink
  • I didnt know I didnt like it ? Tongue

  • Quote:You have to be an E2 member to do that I would assume...
    Not the case after all!
    I've just looked at my daughter's (non-E2) account and she can view the gallery in the same way that I can.
    I've no idea how to make it happen though.

    I had a look but couldn't - hidden in one the settings I suspect?

    Quote:The sites that are allowing larger uploads and that are popular are generally backed by someone else's £millions, so they can afford to offer the moon on a stick whilst they build a very large user-base, which they will then milk for every penny they can get out of them at some point in the future - because investors want returns Smile You only have to look at Facebook now they are starting to heavily monetise it - soon there will be adverts in the timeline/news feed, not just on the right hand side, and it'll go from there (plus the huuuuge amount they make from sharing your personal data).

    Larger images = more processing power needed & more storage space (There are 3 different sizes of most images, plus backup copies of each size). Before someone says "But 3TB hard disks are so cheap" it's not as simple as that.

    Just my own personal thoughts and insights Smile

    If either of them had ads but still offered the bigger upload for nowt guess which one I would pick? Also, at this moment in time (and yes I can see it reaching a point were it will wane) the quality of two of the sites I am thinking about seems better...can't recall the last time I spent an hour looking through galleries at epz with as much enthusiasm as I look at site ****** I don't seem to worry abt clicks / votes / ec's as was my preoccupation at times with epz. I got to the state where I didnt look at the EC gallery anyway as it was too predictable... even toay I reckon I could pick say 3 togs who will feature on the front page of that and thats without even looking! Not saying their work isn't of a standard that does not deserve it either, just the whole thing needed a revamp in some form or other.... imho of course Wink

  • Quote:
    smaller images can look insignificant on the gallery and lack appeal to click into them.
    The thumbnails don't have be viewed as small as they appear by default. I have the pages set up so that I see the thumbnails in two columns which I can expand to take up most of the screen.

    You have to be an E2 member to do that I would assume... naw, the size thing on Epz really is a thing they should address in one of their future updates I reckon. Lots of new versions in the past have included stuff that have had little impact other than to raise dislikes about this that or the other. This site has tonnes of stuff...in reality lots of isn't needed/wanted by most I reckon.

  • Quote:
    Having said that, seeing some websites are offering free membership with up to 20 uploads a week with probably similar size to E2. Maybe EPZ should have a look into the fees again?

    For that reason alone there has been many epz'ers that have migrated to the site I think you refer to...another reason and one that has been spoken about a while ago on the forums was quality of images...it is not until you go looking that you realise what inspirational stuff is about. Sadly the photogallery is not what it once was imo. Also, smaller images can look insignificant on the gallery and lack appeal to click into them.

    Epz offers a complete package that covers lots of other stuff not found elsewhere so has has place in the market but if your needs are just for showing images there are better places about. From the adverts for Epz on the front page it is still growing if the figures are right but with most things in life..quantity does not always mean quality.
  • Some great pics...didn't see anyone's name I recognised from here to be honest.
  • Incredible footage of stuff on here...its so good you wonder can it be real? Grin

    The Beeb are world leaders in this type of documentary

  • Quote:I've finished my review of the camera:

    If there's anything you'd like to add to it, or if you have any photos that you would like to add, it would be great to feature some of your best shots (with credit of course).

    Nice one, thank you.
  • Topaz noise I find is very good..it is available as a plug in for CS
  • Congratulations Phil....great achievement, well deserved its a fabulous shot.
  • As Good As It Gets.

    Could watch it every day and still find it funny, irritating, happy, sad and any other emotion (including seeing Helen Hunt in a wet T Shirt Tongue ) that you could think of. Jack Nicholson, superb.
  • Oh ye, mean to say I like the flower thing too....have seen many shots of the trees prior to this and although its good it ain't got a wow factor for me....and I apologise in advance if its anyone on this site but although the weasel shot is excellent I somehow feel it might be a captive animal which does not fall into wildlife for me.....hope I am wrong in that case.

  • Quote:I liked the flower meadow for its artistic appeal and the tractor in the trees was a bit special as a countryside image.

    Wish I'd put a Black and White version of my Old Man of Storr landscape in though as JSP said she wanted a BW image in the calendar. My print was balancing at the edge of the table but didn't get discussed, I'm still pleased its made the calendar though, albeit a smaller image..Smile



    Will buy you a beer tomorrow Gaz if you can make the presentation evening Grin
  • Nope but I play online at a play called playchess.com it's free (just sign in as a guest) and you might be able to get a game there with internet connections on your ipad/iphone
  • Why have the Police not descended about the NOTW offices and taken possesion of all the information that must be kept there...massive cover going on I would think...goats to kill innit

    dave...shut it down rupert...sorry jamie muroch
    jamie...okay dave...we'll be back in 2 years...we have goats to kill
    dave.....we'll bargin...sorry....talk again nearer the next election jamie
    jamies...tata for now
    Dave...hope the phones not tapped
  • Just spent the last hour or so (I am a slow reader and get distracted by pics etc) reading this thread and one thing comes top mind - there should be a group set up on here for the defenders and attackers of any new action by Pete and the gang...its the same old people "having a go" and its the same old people "defending the cause"....you should get a room as they say. Grin

    Quite surprised a thread this long has not mentioned votes or awards, shocking Tongue

  • Quote:Not that it bothers me, K, as I hardly check GEA gallery anyway.
    Just wondering the purpose of that, and what GEA was originally created for.

    You know full well what & why the GEA was created so stop trying to stir it up Tongue


    If you decide to abandon the GEA I would like to do the last week. I consider myself a novice at photography so any picks would just be a personal list of my fave images for that week. I am sure though there are many people on here who are more qualified and experienced to do the task. Perhaps a private pm to some of the more esteemed members of this site from Pete would engage them to do the job for a week...would be good to see the picks of certain people on this site or are they
  • You haven't shot much wildlife since you got it?

  • Quote:Well done Phil - sounds like it was very enjoyable and i have enjoyed reading your thoughts about the experience and the things we all need to pay attention to. Much appreciated.

    Yup, agree with Jason....looks like you enjoyed yourself and once again - thank you for dropping in on my little part of the epz world Smile
  • Was just reading a thread abt mediocrity in the current awards gallery and after having a quick look I picked out one that got an HC that I thought was ok..but not worth an award...then I read this thread and had a look at your gallery and came across this

    Excellent shot

    ...to be honest its the 1st time I have seen it and like many others must have missed it - but well done to the GEA (Luke Parkinson)at the time for awarding what I believe is an outstanding shot and to be honest I am totally baffled why it didn't get one of the "better" awards?

    At the end of the day though its the Editors Choice and his decision is final - he will point you in the direction of his blog if you need more guidance Wink
  • Excuse the ignorance but what is PJ?

    I got it down to a shortlist of Penis Josters or Photo Journo? Grin
  • Will have to do that tomorrow as a non E2 member can't load variations but to be honest with you I don't think the quality has been made any better uploading at the required size?