Playing The Long Game: Outdoor Photography With Telezooms

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I have had an interest in Photography from age 5 when given my first Kodak 126 Instamatic by my photographically interested parents.
Moved on through 35mm Rangefinders (Halina etc.) then SLR (Zenit E, Pentacon LTL5 and then Olympus OM system).
Went over to Canon EOS film at start of EOS and went digital.
Now gone OMD as micro 4/3 is just so good and sooooo light.

Cameras have changed, my interest have flowed and ebbed.
Finally joined a camera club (Benfleet, Essex. UK) in 2012.

One thing that has never changed is my love of Monochrome, first born from necessity of cost in film days, but my love remains with digital monochrome.
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