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Thank you for visiting my rather eclectic portfolio. I hope that you will find it of interest. Constructive comments / advice are always welcome.
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I was born and raised in Devon, then lived in Somerset for a few years before moving to Wiltshire. My wife Tricia and I live in a small market town in the north of the county. We are just five miles south of the River Thames and after that we're into Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds. If we travel just four miles north east we're into Oxfordshire; the city of Oxford is approximately twenty five miles away from where we live. Berkshire is less than ten miles to the east.

I began my journey into digital photography with a Pentax 330 RS, (a neat little compact that Tricia now uses when she is not taking videos of everything in sight), moved on to a Fuji S5000 and then upgraded to a Fuji S9500. Unfortunately the latter packed up on me, so I went for a Fuji S100fs, which is my current camera, although through circumstances there has been little opportunity to use othan on our most recent stay in Thailand.

When it comes to photography I'm extremely enthusiastic but very much an amateur and still on the learning curve. My interest grew as a result of the digital camera revolution. Many of my photographs have been taken on our travels and I have some archives of trips we have made over a few years, hence the diversity of location. I don't 'specialise' in any particular area of photography, but I do try to seek out the unusual wherever possible. Nowadays I tend to take my camera with me on most occasions so that if the opportunity arises I can take shots of things that attract my interest. I am becoming more and more drawn towards taking candid shots, but also like taking shots of archaeological sites, coastal views, architecture and general scenery (urban and rural). Above everything else, I take photographs for fun. With 'people shots' I tend to act on instinct - I see, I wait for the opportunity, I go for the shot - no matter how long it might take. All shots are taken 'hand-held'.

I draw inspiration from observing the work of others, especially on this wonderful and very addictive site. I admire the work of so many of the excellent photographers on EPZ that it would be impossible to list them all here.

Through EPZ I have been very fortunate in making contact with lots of photography enthusiasts from all areas of the UK and also many other countries. While visiting Prague in March 2007, Tricia and I had the great pleasure and privilege of meeting up with the wonderful George Rusky, who took a break in his very busy day in order to spend some time with us. In February 2008, while we were in Bangkok, Tricia and I met up with Judith Simpson (Jaye) and her daughter Charlotte, who live in Australia. In August of 2008 we spent a very enjoyable day in Bangkok with Carole and Keith Adams, who were en route to Australia - Carole is an EPZ member (CaroleA).

My sincere thanks to all of you who have been so helpful and encouraging during my time with EPZ.


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