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Welcome to my portfolio. I've been a member for a while now, but only just started uploading photos, so I hope you like my efforts. I'm keen to learn and improve my photography. I love wildlife photography, but I'm trying to improve my landscapes too.
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A quick view of alastairwilson's recent activity.

  • Bishops Bay Pan

    Did you take this with camera on manual and also RAW? If not then this will explain the darker section at the back or should I say stern of the yacht and where Sean is standing.

    Even set just to manual the camera can adjust the levels etc when it converts to jpeg.

    Looks like an incredible place
    • 8 Jul 2009 11:01PM
  • Finch orTit?

    Looking at the extent of the red on the face, and the amount it extends behind the eye this Goldfinch is probably male.

    If you have goldfinches coming to your garden try using a niger seed feeder, they love niger seed. You can then set up a nice branch near the feeder which they will perch on, you can then set the camera on a tripod with a remote release, or have a hide, or shoot out of a door slightly ajar. That way you won't have to crop so harshly to get the goldfinch large in the frame. Makes for a fun day/afternoon.
    • 6 Jul 2009 11:52PM
  • Collecting Flowers

    You should visit Hermaness in Unst, better class of Puffin entirely!!! I would say that though as I'm the warden! They seem to like fresh nest material, but that's not surprising considerring the number of ticks I got last year sat amongst some puffin burrows!
    • 6 Jul 2009 11:27PM
  • Gazing Skyward

    Nice photo, the same as the one in this weeks Amateur Photographer.
    • 14 Jun 2009 9:11PM
  • Still tied up

    Really nice shot, well done, Ali
    • 13 Jun 2009 8:46AM
  • Diving Kite

    Thanks all. I went through all my photos and wrote down all of the wing tags and ring numbers for the Red Kite Trust!
    • 12 Jun 2009 9:30PM
  • Knapps Rouge

    If only there were some trees like that up in Shetland! Beautiful.
    • 12 Jun 2009 9:29PM
  • Love your portfolio, fungi and birds, brilliant. Love birds myself too, you have some really lovely shots here. You are lucky to have tree sparrows too, I rekon they are quite pretty. My uncle has quite a lot of them over in Ireland, nesting in boxes. Do you have boxes for them? Well done, ALi
    • Posted on chase's profile
    • 30 Jan 2008 7:51PM